Middle School Dance

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Every year, we have a Middle School Dance. Counting this year, my mom, Lisa Suttles, has planned the dance for the last four years and every year it is a different theme.

She has chosen this year’s theme to be “All That Glitters Is Gold”. There will be gold streamers and decorations everywhere. The dance will be held in the Laurens Academy gym on March 25, 2017.

The middle schoolers are always excited to get dressed up for the dance every year, and it’s almost like a big party. There’s food, drinks, music, and even a photo booth. In the past, some themes have been: “Spring Fling”, “Winter Wonderland”, and a “Sweetheart Dance”. We are excited to see the turnout this year!

Lady Crusaders Almost There!


The Laurens academy varsity girls had a great season. On Saturday, February 25 the girls played Dorchester for the championship game. The girls fought hard the entire game. The outcome of the game came out to be 52-45 over the Crusaders. The girls have so much heart and so many people believe in them. Next year is their year and they will bring it home. The coaches thank everyone for supporting the girls no matter what the outcome was. This season for the girls was a great accomplishment. The Varsity Girls have not made it to the final championship since 2008. The girl’s record came out to be 26-4. They have made so many people proud and they will be ready for next year! _EDH2667


We Need an Equestrian Group

We need an Equestrian Group at Laurens Academy! There are many riders in all different age groups that ride horses or want to ride horses. Some people play sports but some people don’t and want to be participating in some kind of group. Everyone usually wants to be involved in some kind of an activity usually but not always basketball, volleyball or softball. Riding horses is a sport also and you can have a lot of success and it never ends. I am sure many students will participate if we ever got a group started.


Barrier Island


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This March, the fourth graders are going to Barrier Island. St. Christopher Barrier Island is a educational service that teaches children about nature and also has a lot of hands on activities such as jelly fish catching and indoor activities. One thing that I think the forth graders will like is the bonfire.

When my class went we had a bonfire and it was so much fun. We ate marshmallows, we sang and the councilors also told us scary stories. The beach was also fun. We had to wake up early in the morning to go see dolphins at the beach and it was so cool because I had never saw a dolphin before. Overall, it was such a fun trip and I would love to go back sometime.

Daylight Savings

Sunday March 12 daylight saving time officially starts!  While losing an hour of sleep is always an upsetting thought gaining extra hours of day light makes up for it. Sunrise and sunset are earlier; for some reason going to school is easier when there is already light out. It makes everything seem better. Students love it and see it as it gets closer to spring and summer break! Students seem to go from dragging to get the school year done to being so much happier and energetic. I love the long evenings that comes with daylight savings. Laurens Academy is happy for the upcoming time change!

Standardized Testing

Starting last Wednesday, the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th grade will be taking standardized testing. Standardized testing is basically all that they have learned that year, plus review, and questions that they don’t even know. The point of this is to see how much your kids know, (obviously) but the tests are not just regular tests. These tests are very, very long, and take about 3 days to finish. Parents at home should take this very seriously. They should make sure that their kids are eating the biggest breakfast of their life in the morning of each of those three days, and also sending snacks with them to school. Also, parents should make sure that there children are going to bed early every night during testing. They need to do this so their kids will be fully energized, and ready to take on the test!

Spring Pictures

Spring is almost here! Flowers are blooming and everything is starting to turn green again. Just like every school year this means the spring pictures are starting to come up. On March 28, all the moms that morning will be rushing to find their little daughters and sons an outfit for their pictures. Usually on spring pictures most girls and boys will wear a light color pants will a light colored shirt. Of course none of the girls want to match because they want to be the only one with their outfit on.  This is a great time for kids to wear their pretty Easter outfit to school and have a great picture taken!

1st Baseball Game

The Laurens Academy baseball teams first game was last Tuesday, against the three-A team Hammond. We ended up with a 0-10 loss. I am the only freshman playing, which is weird because I am use to playing with other classmates. This year our team consists of Will Price, Jonathan Burns, Daniel Black, Peter Tillman, Cade Robertson,  Will Tindal, Dawson Foster, Kenny Langston, Thomas Lowry, Jonas Smith, Reles Littleton, Bob, and Cal Robertson. We have also faced Oakbrook, a two-A school, who had a pitcher who was difficult to get a hit off of. In order for us to be good, we have to practice our hearts out, and we have to want to win. We have a chance to win our region this year, which would be amazing.



Charleston Field-Trip


This year the fifth grade class is going to Charleston for their yearly field-trip. They will hopefully have a blast like I did and learn some things.

They will be leaving Laurens Academy at 7:45 on Monday, March 20th. On the way there, they will drop of the fourth grade at Barrier Island for their trip. They will hopefully make it to the Charleston Battery in time to have a bagged lunch. Then, they will go and check into their hotel and head to Folly Beach.

The next day they will be going on the boat ride to Fort Sumter and will be doing a scavenger hunt there. Then, after they have lunch in Liberty Square, they will head to the Charleston Aquarium to go on a tour.  Afterwards, they will go on some carriage rides before having dinner at Bubba Gumps (which is a great restaurant). Then on the way back, they will go to the Charleston Museum and then go on a house tour of the Middleton Place.

If it is anything like when I went four years ago, it will be a very fun trip and they will really enjoy it. I hope the school continues to do this trip every year.

Superbowl 51

Superbowl 51 was a Superbowl that people will never, ever, ever forget. It was an absolutely legendary game. The New England Patriots came into the game heavily favored, and were expected to win by double digits. When the game first started, it was unclear who was going to take the lead because at the end of the first, the game was still scoreless.

Thousands of fans watched nervously as they waited to see who would be the first to strike on the scoreboard. Well, they found out soon after the second quarter started, as Atlanta began to score, and score, and score. The score at halftime was 21-3, Atlanta with the lead. Never before winning a Championship, Atlanta was surprising a lot of people and proving them wrong. Most people were almost certain that there was no way for the Patriots to come back from an eighteen point deficit, but there was a lot of football left to be played.

The patriots came out of the locker room and into the third quarter, and only scored 6 points to Atlanta’s 7. The score now, at 28-9, Atlanta still holding the lead. This is it, 1 quarter left to be played, Atlanta about to walk away with their first ever Superbowl win, but wait, the Patriots aren’t done. Somehow the Patriots are going on a huge run, and scored 19 POINTS in the 4th quarter! They went on to force the first overtime in Superbowl history, and win in it for an epic comeback! Superbowl 51, a game that will never be forgotten.

Senior Night

Senior night was a success for both varsity basketball teams Friday night. We played our rivalry Newberry Academy on our home court. The night didn’t start off so well with the middle school. They had a rough night and didn’t make it to the division tournaments. The boys had a hard fight in overtime against the Eagles, but could not pull out the win.

Then the night got a better when the varsity girls won the jump ball to set on the tone of the game. The whole night the girls pushed for every jump ball, rebound and hustling down the court.

At the last 30 seconds in the fourth quarter Ruthie Moore made her 1,000 point with a 3 from an assist from Taylor Campbell. This is such an accomplishment for an athlete that is only a sophomore. The varsity girls overall score was 72-14.

 After the buzzer went off, the varsity girls’ and boys’ team lined up and watched Jack Kerber, Jack Kobe, Jonathan Burns, Will Price and Daniel Black line up and was recognized by their accomplishments as a senior. Then the boys’ game begun and all the seniors was in the first 5 starting line ups. At the end of the night the seniors took home a victory as their last time playing on their home court.



Minor Prophet Project




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Mrs. Codington and Mrs. Owens are working together with ninth grade by assigning us a project in Bible. We each had to choose a minor prophet from the Bible and do a report on them. Mrs. Owens is grading our report based on grammar and spelling. She will take a separate grade for the report. We had to include key points about their life and what message they had to send. We also had to make a timeline about their life. The prophet I had was Joel, a really easy prophet to do. We went to the computer lab and researched our prophets. The timeline had to include five facts and three pictures telling about the important events in their life. On Wednesday, we had to present and our two-minute presentation. Overall, I really enjoyed the project and I got to learn so many new interesting facts about the minor prophets of the Bible.

1000 Points

Ruthie Moore hits 1,000th point milestone at Laurens AcademyFriday, February 3rd, Ruthie Moore scored her 1000 points. Lucky for for Ruthie, it was on Senior Night against one of our biggest rivals, the Newberry Academy Eagles. Ruthie Moore is only a sophomore, which is amazing in itself. The bigger possibility, is that she could score over 2000 before she graduates. Ruthie Moore has an amazing ability to be a top scorer on any terms of any game. Ruthie has played basketball at Laurens Academy since she was in sixth grade. She is an extremely important part of her team, because of her experience. Ruthie is part of an undefeated, region champion team. They have a team that has the talent to win the state championship, and become the number one girls team in our state. Ruthie has had an amazing season, but she hopes to end the season with a state championship trophy and banner.


Field Trip To The Greatest Show On Earth

Last week Laurens Academy’s first and second graders went to the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Our school has made the circus an annual trip and has been attending for twelve years. The news of being this their last circus was very sad, but made them enjoy the show even more!  Before the circus started the classes were able to go down in the arena and meet the clowns.  The circus added new things to the show such as the BMX bicycle tricks and the camels.  The camels were to replace the elephants that the company gave to an estate in Florida last May.  The show lasted for about two hours and kids bought popcorn during it. The two grades had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it. We are very sad for the circus to be closing, but very thankful we got to see on of the last shows!

Maria Navarro Wins Photo Contest

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One of our exchange students, Maria Navarro from Spain, recently won a youth photo contest. Contestants had the choice to take a picture of a barn or a butterfly, or were able to do both if they wanted to. The first-place prize was $100. The prizes were awarded at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church and sponsored by LCSWCD. There were four categories: Barns youth, butterflies/moths youth, barns adult, and butterflies/moths adult. When asked for what inspired the photo, she said that her host mom (Judith Brown) was bugging her to go outside and take some pictures. She had heard of the photo contest, but wasn’t sure of herself joining in though. But when she saw the butterfly on the flower, she decided to take a picture of it. When Maria heard that the youth photo contest was centered on butterflies, she sent it in.