Tower Garden

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The new science teacher, Mrs. Sampson, has put to use a tower garden that was given to us by someone at the beginning of the school year.  The tower garden uses a system called Aeroponics. This is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of dirt or soil. The tower also has lights that act as sunlight. The lights are surprisingly enough to keep the plants growing fresh and strong. This tower garden can grow up to twenty vegetables at one time. Mrs. Sampson currently has lettuce growing on the tower garden. It is currently doing very well and tastes great! The garden waters for fifteen minutes a day and the plants stay very fresh.



New Teachers

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Laurens Academy has added several new teachers this year.  Sandra Davis is our new middle school and high school math teacher. She keeps the classroom lively with her teaching method. She wants to make learning fun for us and does a good job at explaining things to us.

Then we have our new high school science teacher Heidi Sampson who teaches physical science to the 9th graders. She’s really sweet and I’m pretty excited to do many fun labs with her in science, it’s one of my favorite activities in school.

Next up is Rick Mathis our new P.E. teacher. He makes sure to help us with our athletic skills by teaching us how to do certain things correctly. We’re always staying active in P.E. Mr. Mathis also teaches middle school science.

The K5 class has a new teacher. Her name is Megan Laird. She also brings her children Jackson and Lorien.

We also have a new after school teacher with Tiffany Tarver.  She is also a graduate of Laurens Academy.  Mrs. Tarver and her husband Jesse “the voice of the Crusaders” have two children, Jenson and Sawyer.

Needless to say, we’re all very glad to have these new teachers at our school and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the school year.


MG Walk

IMG_7971The Myasthenia Gravis Walk is a 1.5 mile walk to raise awareness for this horrible disease. This disease causes muscle weakness, including those used to swallow, speak, see and breathe and there is no known cure for it. In the past, many doctors had never even heard about  this disease, so they gave their patients a wrong diagnosis. A wrong diagnosis equals wrong treatment, and when you receive wrong treatment, you are not getting better, and it’s a waste of time, energy, money, and for an honest term, life.

The leaders of this event host walks all over the country. Their 7th annual walk was held in Charleston, SC on April the 8th. That very walk raised over $42,000! Now with over seven walks held and numerous meetings across the U.S, they have raised an astounding amount of money at over $4.3 million. Over 200,000 people have been diagnosed with MG, and tens of thousands of people have MG but either aren’t diagnosed, or diagnosed with the wrong disease and receiving wrong treatment. 

On April 22, from 10 A.M. to 2:30 P.M, my mom, Stephanie McCall, is having a blood drive in memory of my grandmother, Kay Powers, who passed away last year from this disease. If you are near New Prospect Baptist Church on April 22, and are seventeen years of age or older, please stop by to donate blood in memory of my grandmother and to honor the brave fight she fought.

Spring Break

Spring Break is fast approaching and the whole school is very excited for the upcoming and much needed break. This year Spring Break is April 3rd-7th. Many families use this break as an early family vacation and others use this to just relax and have fun at home. One of my classmates and their family are going to the mountains to enjoy the break. We are all very excited to have a whole week free form tests and homework. Spring Break is a way to unwind and come back to school strong to finish the school year off.  I can hardly wait for this spring vacation! I hope everyone has a safe and fun break!

Spring Pictures Coming Up

Laurens Academy is having spring portraits on Tuesday, March 28. Holmes Photography has been taking school pictures at Laurens Academy for several years. They have done really well with working with the students and are always flexible when it comes to make up pictures. Holmes Photography encourages  parents to know that a simple, classic style will look great in the portrait. They also encourage the students NOT to wear t-shirts with characters on them because it will draw focus away from their face. A couple weeks after the pictures are taken, proofs will be printed and handed out to students. The pictures come on a price sheet so the parents can buy their child’s photo if they choose. The price sheet comes with many different options for the parents to choose from. They can buy a full size, a mid-size, or even just a little picture for their wallets. Be prepared to dress your child for these priceless memories!


Eagle Scout

Recently, Senior Peter Tillman earned an extreme honor in Boy Scouts. Peter received the rank of an Eagle Scout. He has worked hard to gain this rank, and with hard work and dedication, he had the honor of becoming one. There are not many people who achieve that goal, but the ones who do, deserve the respect of everyone. The ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church in Laurens and was attended by his proud parents and several LA classmates. Peter was calm the entire time, but showed excitement after the ceremony ended. It is not easy to get into the ranks of an Eagle Scout, however, Peter did it. I have been to three of these ceremonies, but each and every one has a special feeling to it, and they were all special moments.

All-State Game


At the end of the Basketball State and Region games, all the coaches get together and decide who will be invited to play in the All-Star game. On March 4th the All-Star game was held at Wilson Hall gym.The athletes in the game were picked by the coaches in their devision.The players were divided up between the north and south region. The north team consisted of the junior Taylor Campbell, sophomore Ruthie Moore and the freshmen Blair Quarles from Laurens Academy the coaches were the Curtis Baptist Coach Robert Leslie and Laurens Academy Coach Jason Marlett.

Throughout the game the coaches would sub evenly allowing each athlete playing time. Sadly, in the begging of the game a player from Curtis Baptist was on a fast break and fell and hurt her knee and at that time we weren’t doing so well. We were a couple of points behind but came back after halftime. At the end of the game we won.

Junior Joshua Moore participated in the All- Star boys team and they also won. Laurens Academy was representative well and hope to be there again next year.


Middle and High School Chorus

On March the 9th the high school and middle school students of Laurens Academy went to a music contest. This was not just an ordinary contest, there were hundreds of schools there competing to win. Students were very fortunate to have a teacher like Mrs. Pat to set this up because it is hard to get into. It was located at one of the building on The University of South Carolina campus. The students performed very well and earned medals! This is a great accomplishment. The middle school got first place and high school got second place. Mrs. Pat was happy to be back and she is so exited to know that she has such talented kids!



Flu Prevention


          Flu season has just arrived! Everyone is starting to become extra cautious about what they or their children do. Well, I’m here to make your life easier, and give you a few tips on just how to stay away from the flu this year.

          First of all, wash your hands! It seems like the most obvious thing to do, but yet it’s the main reason why people not only get the flu, but just get sick in general. Another thing you need to do is not eat or drink after other people. Even if you say or think, ”They aren’t sick right now, so I won’t get sick,” don’t do it! Did you know that someone who is sick is contagious 24 hours before symptoms. That means that you could be sick right now and not even know it. So during this flu season especially, be very careful with who you’re around, and wash your hands constantly.

LA Auction

Every year our school has an auction where the classes put together baskets, and people make things that can be auctioned off. Most of the items are sold at a silent auction, where people walk around and write down their bids on pieces of paper. Near the end, a live auction starts where an auctioneer shouts out dollar amounts and people who want to bet raise their hand for that amount.

Last year it was held at the Laurens Exchange Building, but this year it will be back at the school. The baskets vary by class. There is a BBQ basket, Clemson basket, Carolina basket, and many others. Usually the adults walk around and place their bids while the kids just eat, run around and play. A few years ago, the theme was Duck Dynasty, a popular TV show about a family that lives in Alabama. There was a scavenger hunt, and when you completed it, you got a free strawberry smoothie, which was pretty good. If you are not doing anything on Saturday, April 29th, stop by our school at 6:00 to join in on the auction action.

St. Patrick’s Day

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There is so much history and heritage celebrated on the holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day. The parades and the wearing of green is to remember Saint Patrick and the beginning of Christianity in Ireland.

It was first made a holiday in the seventeenth century and is now celebrated all over Europe and North America. Chicago celebrates big with a parade and forty-five pounds of green vegetable dye that they will dye the Chicago River to commemorate Saint Patrick on his death date.

Many people wonder why we do in fact pinch people who do not wear green; the answer is found in Irish folklore. People once thought wearing green would make you invisible to pinching leprechauns and fairy creatures, so people started pinching non-green wearers to remind them of the sneaky leprechauns! The day of green and Irish heritage is celebrated on the seventeenth of March and is fast approaching. I hope everyone has a great Saint Patrick’s Day!


Dodge Ball for Charity

The Laurens YMCA held a dodge ball tournament for a friend of mine named Ryan Elledge. He is fighting a battle against cancer, although I have not gone through it,  I know it is hard. I’ve had  someone with cancer in my family before and it’s difficult to watch someone suffer. The tournament had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun a lot of kids from Laurens Middle were there to support Ryan.  The Dodge Ball Tournament entrance fee was 10$ and all the money went to Ryan’s family to help pay for his hospital bills. I know cancer is a hard battle but I know Ryan and I know he can fight through this.


Music Fieldtrip Results

Last Thursday, the middle school and the high school went to compete at a music competition in the University of South Carolina. Our music teacher is Mrs. Pat. She is very kind and gets very fired up when music is involved with something. When we got there we had to wait a very long time for all of the other high school students to sing their songs. Finally we got into the room to sing.

The judge was very kind and told us that we did very good. She liked the sign language part of our song, Light of the Stable. Our other songs were, Hush Somebody’s Calling My Name, and Down to the River. We got second place over all of the high schools, and the middle school won first place over all of the middle schools! We were all very proud of the middle school and the high school music classes.

The Flu

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This year the flu has been extremely bad! The flu is a contagious respiratory illness, which will affect the nose, throat, and lungs. It will also will cause severe body aches causing you to feel terrible. If it is not medicated for long enough and the symptoms are bad enough it has been known to cause death. To not be contagious you have to not have a fever within 24 hours.

There are ways to prevent the flu. You can get the flu shot, wash your hands, and stay away from those that are sick. I recently had the flu. It was terrible. When I got back to school I had a lot of make up work and tests I had to slowly catch up on. Try your hardest to prevent yourself from any causes of this illness.


Frankie’s Fun Park



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This past Friday the ninth grade class went to Frankie’s Fun Park. This event was organized by our Physical Science teacher, Mrs. Codington. She wanted to get us together so we could build better friendships and be better friends to each other.

We were going to play two rounds of laser tag but  ended up playing only one round because many people decided to ride go karts instead. We rode go karts for about one hour. Frankie’s added a new ride to their park. This ride was called The Discovery. It spun in circles and went around and around. Many people did not go on it because it was too much for them to handle. overall, it was really fun trip and I enjoyed very much.