On Tuesday, May 4th the ninth graders did a group science project. We were divided into three groups. Group one was Itty, Morgan, Hannah, Audrey, and Dawson. Group two was Ruthie, Florence, Sarah, Marcela, and Noah. Group three was Kerington, Yukti, Anna, Julia, and Lindsey. The project was that we had to make a rollercoaster and explain how it defined the three laws of Sir Isaac Newton. Whoever got first place got a sticker. Group one placed 3rd, group three placed 2nd and group two placed 1st. we had two teachers who judged the competition were Ms. Lockman and Mrs. Codington. We all enjoyed making rollercoasters.




Camp Greenville

On Wednesday 27, the eighth graders went to camp Greenville with Mrs. Plowden. They arrived and met their tour guides, Mayfield and JC. After that they went on a hike to Rainbow Falls and Pretty Place. The second day they did the high rope course, group dynamics, then they had lunch. After lunch, they played life and death of the forest and the game is where you pick an animal and you either have to be an omnivore, carnivore, and herbivore. The next thing is that they give you cards that have the requirements of life on it. That evening, they had a camp fire and they played song wars. On the third day, they had another group dynamics activity before handing home.

Laurens LA teacher accepted top grad school

Ms. Jennifer Lockman joined Laurens Academy three years ago. She teaches Algebra 2, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Math Applications. She is one of the leaders of the high school FCA and she is a devoted Christian. Ms. Lockman is one our favorite teachers because she is very friendly and helpful. She recently applied to grad school to Clemson and was accepted. A couple of days ago learned that that she earned a scholarship! She will be starting her classes in early summer. Ms. Lockman told us she is very excited to go to grad school and she is ready to get on some hands on learning experience.

Bible Trip

Last Wednesday, the sixth and the ninth grades went to the Alphabet Museum in Waxhaw, North Carolina. At the Museum, we learned about the origin of many alphabets and even learned about how important it is to have the Bible translated in many different languages. The museum has many galleries like: Greek and Roman, Indic, and many more which showed us how they interpreted the English alphabet in their culture and how it came to be. After the museum, we went to see how they translate Bibles and movies so people in many different parts of the world see and hear the Bible in their language. We then went to eat our lunch and during our lunch we got to hear Mrs. Codington‘s friend Amy Carter tell us about her experience as a Bible translator.


The annual Laurens Academy auction was on March 11th at the Laurens County exchange building. They had a concession stand with snacks throughout the night. To entertain children, they had a scavenger hunt game. At the beginning, a BBQ dinner was prepared. They had three different sections of the silent auction which were the green, the brown, and the red sections. At seven thirty the live auction started, where they auctioned the class banners, the class baskets, and a baby goat. They had a buddy boutique where they sold ornaments that the buddy classes made. At the conclusion, the winners were Chad Suttles, who won the four wheeler and Tom Robertson, who won the Yeti cooler. Thanks to all that came out to show their support.


Buddy Class


Last Wednesday, we had a buddy class activity. The activity we did with our buddies was for the Laurens Academy Auction Buddy Boutique. We made Christmas ornaments and we had to put paint in it and swirl it around to cover the glass ornament. We did that with four different colors and we had to cover the entire ornament. After we got done swirling the paint around we had to put it in a cup to let them dry and we wrote our names on the cup. We are going to put a hook on them and set them up next Saturday during the auction. Please stop by the Buddy Boutique to see our crafty work.


Roper Mountain


The Third and Fourth graders went to Roper Mountain on Feb. 8 in Greenville with Ms. Graham and Mrs. Harmon They went there to learn more about weather and electricity. One of the activities that they did were that they tried to make a weather wane to stand up with Legos. This helped them test the temperature. They hooked up battery and wires up to the light switch so they could see if the battery and wires could light up the switch without manually doing it. Another activity that they did was they took two light bulb sticks and made an electricity current. The students really enjoyed going to Roper Mountain and learning about electricity and weather.


New Student

This semester, our ninth grade class has a new student. Her name is Sarah Traxler.  Some interesting things about Sarah is that she has been home schooled for all her life and this this her first time going to a school. She loves to draw fantasy creatures and she has fourteen horses. One thing she loves about Laurens Academy is small classes and close knit groups. The best thing she liked about her first day was her English class and she also loves FCA and she’s thinking about joining the basketball team.



The Book Fair

The Book Fair has come to a close. It started on Dec. 2 and ended on Dec. 9. It was a great chance for parents to do their Christmas shopping. The book fair had great items for every grade level. There were great mystery books, animation books, festive pens, erasers, and cute little accessories like necklaces and bracelets.  We even had a little fundraiser to decide who would win an arm wrestling competition between Ms.Howlier and Mrs.Burrows. The book fair had great accessories that help students in everyday activities. The book fair is a very exciting time for students and parents.


Progress Report

Last week, Laurens Academy sent home progress reports on Friday the 13th. They are usually sent out in the middle of the nine weeks.  Parents can look at how their children are doing. Progress reports give parents an idea on which classes their child is doing well in or perhaps give them an idea on which classes they may need help in. Students still have time to improve and bring their grade up. Progress reports are the best way to be updated on your children’s grades and activities. This is one of the many ways Laurens Academy keeps our parents informed!


Red Ribbon Week

Last week, Laurens Academy celebrated RED RIBBON WEEK to help us remember how awful drugs are. On Monday every student got a number and a bracelet. If your number was announced you won a prize and new numbers were picked every day. Tuesday we got red ribbon stickers, Wednesday we got lollipops with different sayings about how drugs are not healthy, Thursday we got Kit Kats and on Friday we celebrated character day with our buddy classes and we had delicious red filled Oreos. We all had a fun time celebrating red ribbon week and it gave us a reminder of how bad it is for you and your environment to do drugs.

Music Project

Projects are important as they help you understand things better. Recently, we did a music project. The project was to pick a musician and do research about them. Some things we needed to research were their beginnings in the world of music and how they started their career. We also needed to know some of their greatest masterpieces and what influenced them to write such pieces. The last thing we needed to know was how they died. Some musicians died by some serious conditions and depression. Some things we also could write about was how they got interested in music, and who their inspiration was.


Hello to all the new sixth graders. If your struggling in middle school, don’t worry I have great advice for you. First congratulations for surviving your first week of middle school. Some key things you should know are that to pay attention, follow rules, don’t wait till the last minute to do projects or homework. Another important thing is to ask questions if you don’t understand anything and to be very organized so you have everything ready when the teachers ask you. Listening is also important because you don’t want to miss out on what the teachers is saying especially when the she tells you about tests and projects. Be respectful to teachers and your fellow classmates. Be sure to give everything your 100 percent. Enjoy your middle school year(s).