The Solar Eclipse of 2017!

The solar eclipse that happened on August 21st 2017 was a site to be seen. It had many people traveling from all parts of the United States. The solar eclipse doesn’t happen every year and sometimes only happens once in a lifetime. When the solar eclipse happens it is one sight to be seen.

First the sun slowly starts getting dark because the moon is passing over the sun completely in the middle of the day. It’s really cool because it gets almost pitch black dark for two or three minutes. Then it slowly start to get light again as the moon passes away from the sun. Many schools didn’t have school on that day, but Laurens Academy had a half day on that day. The solar eclipse was very cool.




LA Middle School Football

The middle school football team had their first home game against Cambridge Academy on September 7th at Laurens Academy. For being their first game they played well, but they ended up losing in the end 22-20. September 14th they redeemed themselves winning against Newberry Academy 42-0 .

When they played Cambridge they were defeated late in the fourth quarter when they were not able to gain a two point conversion in the finals minutes. However that did not stop them from coming into the Newberry game with the will to win. They quickly went up on Newberry with a pick-six by Kyle Thompson and a fumble recovery for a touchdown by Christian Stone to really put the Eagles away. Then last Thursday they beat the Cambridge Cougars by a total of 42-0.