High School Field Trip

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Over the years the Laurens Academy High School classes have gone on many different field trips and seldom go to the same place twice. Over the past years, we have gone to New York, Atlanta, Disney World, and on college tours. This year we will be going to Kentucky to see the Ark replica and see the Creation Museum. There will also be a night time scavenger hunt that the students will go on. One of the more exciting parts of the trip will be how we will be allowed to spend the night on the ark.

So far, only a small group have signed up but it will still be fun.  There are some teachers going including Mrs. Plowden. It will be a fun trip and I hope the students going on this trip will enjoy it.



Charleston Field-Trip


This year the fifth grade class is going to Charleston for their yearly field-trip. They will hopefully have a blast like I did and learn some things.

They will be leaving Laurens Academy at 7:45 on Monday, March 20th. On the way there, they will drop of the fourth grade at Barrier Island for their trip. They will hopefully make it to the Charleston Battery in time to have a bagged lunch. Then, they will go and check into their hotel and head to Folly Beach.

The next day they will be going on the boat ride to Fort Sumter and will be doing a scavenger hunt there. Then, after they have lunch in Liberty Square, they will head to the Charleston Aquarium to go on a tour.  Afterwards, they will go on some carriage rides before having dinner at Bubba Gumps (which is a great restaurant). Then on the way back, they will go to the Charleston Museum and then go on a house tour of the Middleton Place.

If it is anything like when I went four years ago, it will be a very fun trip and they will really enjoy it. I hope the school continues to do this trip every year.

Advisory Groups


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On Wednesday February 8th, Laurens Academy students participated in their advisory groups with the teacher assigned to them. This month there was a game where teachers were  given an individual bag of skittles to give to each student. If you pulled out a green skittle, you were supposed to tell everyone something you are good at. If it was a yellow skittle, it was something you can’t live without. Red was something that makes you angry, while purple was something that makes you sad. It was a very fun game and we learned a lot about our classmates, and teachers. The whole point in these events is to grow closer to others, and I think that it reached this goal.



Basketball Lock-In

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Over the Christmas break, the Laurens Academy varsity boys basketball team played in two games down in Winnsboro. After the first game, Daniel Black came up with the idea for the team to get together at the school for a lock-in. Coach Plowden ended up  agreeing to this idea and set the date for this event on December 22nd.

This was a great time for us to get to know each other and have fun. Some of the team members brought PS4s and TVs, while others brought food and games. Coach also allowed us to play basketball down in the gym, which went wild when we decided to forget the rules.

We ended up pulling an all-nighter playing a basketball tournament on the PS4s and even Coach took part in it. It was a very fun night and I hope we do it again later this season.


PC Game


On Friday, November 11, the high-school boys went to PC to watch the game against Furman. It was a very close game with the Blue Hose pulling it out at the last second. It was a great time to be around each other and get to know each other better. The game ended with one of the PC guys making a lay-up at the last second. Furman had a chance to tie and even win it on a buzzer-beater. The guy shot it but it hit back rim, a player went to tip it in but was too late. So PC pulled the upset with everyone going crazy. I hope there are more chances for the team to get out together and watch others play.



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There is a new program going on at Laurens Academy. This new program is called Mentor Advisory. The program is meant to give middle school and high school students a faculty member that they are really close to and can trust. This can be helpful if the student is in trouble or needs to talk about something that they can’t bring to their parents.

We had our first activity on Wednesday, November 2nd. Each faculty member had about six to eight students. We had a game to play or we could just sit and talk to each other. This is fun and it also makes the student open up toward the teacher.

The game that we did this past week was a dice game. There were different questions that you would have to answer if you rolled that number. For example, if you rolled a five, it was a hobby that you enjoyed to do.

These groups are fun and really brought us closer to some of our teachers that we didn’t know as well. We also learned things about our fellow classmates. I look forward to our next activity.


First Big Race

The Laurens Academy Cross Country team competed in the Zaxby’s Invitational 5k Race on September 17th at Southside High-school.  There were twenty teams with over four-hundred runners competing. The Girls ran varsity at 9:00 and the boys ran varsity as well at 10:25.

The girls ran pretty well with Ruthie Moore coming 32nd at 25:03. Next across the line was Florence Mitchell coming 84 at 33:36. Sara Traxler came 86 at 33:51. Mattie Grace Noffz  came across at 36:30 and at the the same time was Laura Mateu. Lindsey Burroughs finished with a time of 42:49.

The guys ran and Andrew Codington got a time of 27:28 at 124th, Luke Kerber had 25:12 at 121st, and at 84th Scott Anderson at 22:17.

The whole team ran well and is looking forward to continuing to race.

Girl’s Results Boy’s Results
Ruthie Moore 32nd, 25:03 Scott Anderson 84th, 22:17
Florence Mitchell 84th, 33:36 Luke Kerber 121st, 25:12
Sara Traxler 86th, 33:51 Andrew Codington 124th, 27:28
Mattie Grace Noffz 88th, 36:30
Laura Mateu 89th, 36:30
Lindsey Burroughs 90th, 42:49

Grandparents Day


This Grandparents Day at Laurens Academy was great! Students were able to show off what we’ve been learning this year.  Ashley Doolittle started off the program with the singing of the National Anthem.  Mrs. Pat McDonald, the music teacher for upper school, led the ninth and tenth grade in hand bells for the grandparents. Eighth graders did a performance called, “What’s That Line” in which they had to carry on a conversation only using questions. Then there was the music led by Mrs. McDonald.

After the music stopped, a pep rally started. The Varsity Cheerleaders did a great job after Coach Plowden called out the teams we have at Laurens Academy, and asked for the members to stand.  There was also a game, like “Simon Says” where  players had to follow what the leader said. Mrs. McDonald did a great job with the music and all of the grandparents enjoyed it.

After the pep rally was over, they dismissed the classes to their grandparents, and let us get a lunch of subs. We also had the opportunity to show our Grandparents our classrooms.


Newberry Falls

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Last week the Laurens Academy middle school football team played the Newberry Academy Eagles. This was the first game for our Crusader middle school.

The beginning of the game was very slow with neither team getting very far. Both teams ended up having to turn the ball over because of downs.

Then the second quarter started up with a run by Thomas Lowry to the end-zone where he fumbled it into the end zone, and Jonas Smith recovered it for a touchdown. Then Thomas ran the ball in for the two-point conversion. The Eagles ran out of downs and had to give the ball back. On the next drive Thomas Lowry scored another touchdown and Cal ran it in for the conversion. That ended the first half 16-8.

The third quarter only provided the Eagles with 8 points from Payton Gardner on a QB-keeper. Sadly our team didn’t score this quarter.

In the fourth, Cal scored another touchdown and also converted it for two. The Eagles scored another touchdown. The game ended with the Crusaders winning.