Frankie’s Fun Park



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This past Friday the ninth grade class went to Frankie’s Fun Park. This event was organized by our Physical Science teacher, Mrs. Codington. She wanted to get us together so we could build better friendships and be better friends to each other.

We were going to play two rounds of laser tag but  ended up playing only one round because many people decided to ride go karts instead. We rode go karts for about one hour. Frankie’s added a new ride to their park. This ride was called The Discovery. It spun in circles and went around and around. Many people did not go on it because it was too much for them to handle. overall, it was really fun trip and I enjoyed very much.


Barrier Island


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This March, the fourth graders are going to Barrier Island. St. Christopher Barrier Island is a educational service that teaches children about nature and also has a lot of hands on activities such as jelly fish catching and indoor activities. One thing that I think the forth graders will like is the bonfire.

When my class went we had a bonfire and it was so much fun. We ate marshmallows, we sang and the councilors also told us scary stories. The beach was also fun. We had to wake up early in the morning to go see dolphins at the beach and it was so cool because I had never saw a dolphin before. Overall, it was such a fun trip and I would love to go back sometime.

Minor Prophet Project




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Mrs. Codington and Mrs. Owens are working together with ninth grade by assigning us a project in Bible. We each had to choose a minor prophet from the Bible and do a report on them. Mrs. Owens is grading our report based on grammar and spelling. She will take a separate grade for the report. We had to include key points about their life and what message they had to send. We also had to make a timeline about their life. The prophet I had was Joel, a really easy prophet to do. We went to the computer lab and researched our prophets. The timeline had to include five facts and three pictures telling about the important events in their life. On Wednesday, we had to present and our two-minute presentation. Overall, I really enjoyed the project and I got to learn so many new interesting facts about the minor prophets of the Bible.

Hannah Stribling goes to the Inauguration

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On January 20th, Our President Donald Trump was sworn in. Laurens Academy tenth grader, Hannah Stribling, went to the inauguration. Hannah got invited to participate in the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit Gala 2017. This is a once in a lifetime chance. They got to attend the 58th Presidential election and also got to meet world-renowned speakers, such as Malala Youzafzai. Hannah got to participate in events that builds her knowledge for American History and build her path to becoming a leader.

Other schools also participated in this event and many were at the inauguration. Along with the high school summit, is a middle school summit and a college summit. They work together to try and solve some of the nation’s problems’ challenges together, and get an educational experience not found in the classroom.

My Trip to India

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This past Christmas break, I went to India. I had to go because my cousin was getting married. I stayed there for a whole month. I was really excited to go. My family lives in Varodra, India and it is a big city.

When I reached to the house, everybody welcomed me and introduced themselves since i hadn’t seen them in 8 years. We went shopping because we had to get clothes for the wedding. In India the weddings usually last for about three days. The first day was a Punjabi themed night. We dressed up like traditional Punjabi people and danced until midnight.

The second day was very chaotic. There were three parts. The first part was a ritual ceremony for the bride and groom. The second part was a ritual ceremony for the mother and father of the bride and groom. The third part was a musical night. Me and my cousin rehearsed a dance and we performed there.

The third day was the actual wedding. We celebrated and had a lot of fun. I was very sad when i had to leave but i hope i can come back next year.

Can food Drive Results


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Every year the Laurens Academy Student Council sponsors the LA can food drive. This year the can drive was on November 14 through November 18. Students brought non-perishable food and they chose which football team they would like to put it on. The teams are either Clemson or Carolina. This was a great way to show you support for these two teams and their football game. The cans go to local charities and people who don’t have enough food which are actually the real winners. Clemson fans donated 453 cans and Carolina fans donated 235 cans.



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Last Monday, was Halloween. Many Laurens Academy students go to the Lakeside Country Club community to trick or treat. This year, many students came. Sarah Traxler, a tenth grade student, came dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Her sister, Naomi, and her friend, Aubrey, both dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween. Aidan and Harrison McCall dressed as superheroes.

Gus brown dressed up as a hazard sign. His family is hosting an International student named Maria from Spain. This was Maria’s first Halloween in America and she was dressed up as a bunny.

My neighbor, Mahi Patel, was dressed as a princess wizard with a glow in the dark wand. Lastly,  I was dressed up as Minnie Mouse. Overall, the costumes were a hit. This Halloween was a blast.

3rd Grade Project

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For Character Day, the third graders are doing a project about famous South Carolinians. The teacher, Mrs. Harmon gave the students a list of famous South Carolinians, to choose from. They have to dress up as their Carolinian and also give a speech about what they did. They have to write down facts on note cards, go up the front of the class, and tell them about their Carolinian. Also, they have to do a poster. On the poster they have to put information about their famous South Carolinian and tell the class about how they became famous. Other classes may come to watch the third graders speak. This project is fun and also the third graders get to learn more about South Carolina. They also get to go on a field trip to the State museum and learn more about our history.  By the end they should know a  lot about our state.


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Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA is held every Wednesday for high school and every other Wednesday for middle school. Every week, a person comes and talks to us. John Arnheiter, associate pastor, youth pastor,and music leader from Glendale Baptist Church in Mauldin came and talked to us.

Last week, he asked our high school if they play sports and many people raised their hand. He said that no matter what sport you play, you should do it for the lord.

He also talked about the Olympics. He said two American divers, Steele Johnson and David Boudia, thanked God for their accomplishments right when they got out the water. Steele Johnson said that he could not take credit for his amazing dive. Rather he said  “To God be the glory.” They both received silver medals at the Rio Olympics for diving.

After that we closed with a prayer. FCA is really fun and I enjoy going to it every Wednesday.