Lunch Room Changes

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The Lunch room has experienced some changes this year. We lost Mrs. Ann Andersen due to her moving to Georgia. Filling in her position is everyone’s favorite money woman, Mrs. Tammy, who is busy adjusting to lunch room activities by taking lunch counts and helping out . We still have cook master Jimmy Powers who is the grandfather of  students Charlton, Aidan and Harrison McCall.  He is continuing to make delicious food. I look forward too see what sweet treats he has to offer this year!




Ethan Shultz’s Race

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Ethan Shultz is a 9th grade student attending Laurens Academy. He participates in two sports: Sporting Clays for the school and Dirt Bike Racing on his own. He recently participated in a race September 17, 2017. He performed to the best of his ability achieving  2nd overall and 1st in his class  with only crashing twice. At first he led the pack but soon several mistakes cost him first place overall but he did finish 1st in his class and 2nd overall  .

He has been in a process of recovery since his crash last season in which he broke his femur in his leg and had a metal bar placed in his leg. Incredibly he was walking a week later. We all wish Ethan the best of luck in his next race on Sunday, October 1, 2017.