Congaree Swamp Field Trip

The eighth grade class took a field trip on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.  They visited the Congaree Swamp in Columbia, South Carolina.  They took a tour of the swamp, visiting the boardwalk and looking at all of the wildlife.  They found a snake and visited the museum near the swamp.  At the museum, the looked at the different types of animals and plants that the swamp had to offer.   After that, they took a lunch break at Chick Fila and then returned to the school.  The trip was fun and educational and the seventh grade class looks forward to going next year.




Spring Fling Dance

On Friday, April 29, 2016, the ninth and tenth grades had a spring fling dance.  It was held at Lakeside Country Club in Clinton, South Carolina.  The prom committee put on this dance to raise money for prom and let the ninth and tenth graders have some fun.  The dance ran from  eight until eleven o’clock that night and tickets were fifteen dollars in advance, but twenty dollars at the door.  The eleventh grade girls helped out by baking goods for the desert bar, setting up, and helping DJ the dance.   The dance was a success and it was lots of fun for everyone who attended.


Middle School Biltmore Trip

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, the entire middle school of Laurens Academy went to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.  When they first arrived at the Biltmore Estate, the middle schoolers traveled to the animal farm.  At the animal farm they saw goats, chickens, draft horses, and donkeys.  Then the class ate lunch near the animal farm.  Then they had a tour of the house that included the bowling alley, the pool, the bathrooms, the dining rooms, the bedrooms, the closets, the Halloween room, and the exterior of the house.  After the tour, the middle schoolers left the Biltmore Estate and returned to Laurens Academy.


Upcoming Spring Fling

On April 29, 2016,  Laurens Academy will be putting on a Spring Fling Dance for the 9th and 10th graders.  It will be held at the Lakeside Country Club in Laurens, South Carolina and will go on from 8 until 11 pm.  Current 9th and 10th grade students are allowed to bring any 8th, 9th, or 10th grader they would like from Laurens Academy or from other schools.  The attire that you are required to wear is semi formal so the students are expected to wear something nice.  The cost is fifteen dollars in advance and twenty dollars at the door and some 11th graders will help out.


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! It is celebrated annually on March 17, and everyone is supposed to wear green.  It is celebrated on the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland.  We wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to remember the shamrock or the clover.   St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity to the non-believers of Ireland as an analogy.  If you do not wear green, people are supposed to pinch you!  So remember to wear green this St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched and celebrate the life of Saint Patrick.


4th Grade Trip to the Peace Center

On Monday, February 29, the 4th grade class took a field trip to the Peace
Center.  They saw a play about the American Revolution.  It showed several events that happened through the course of the American Revolution.  Before they got to the Peace Center they enjoyed a bag lunch on the bus.  The play was centered around imagination and they hardly used very few props.  This is the first time that the fourth grade attended the Peace Center on a field trip and it was a very successful trip.  I am sure that the upcoming fourth grade will love to attend this trip next year.


Region Tournament Semifinal Game (M.S.)

On Saturday, February 6, the middle school teams from Laurens Academy played for the chance to advance to the SCISA region championship game.  The girls played the middle school team from Newberry Academy.  They ended up losing but came within 5 points of Newberry and almost came back.  The middle school boys also played the team from Newberry Academy that had beaten them the night before.  The middle school boys came out victorious and won by 12 points.  Even though the middle school girls team lost, they had a very good season and lost very few games.  I am excited to watch the middle school boys face off against Richard Winn in the championship game.


Swinging back into School

School started back the previous Monday from my winter break and it hit me like a truck. Getting out of bed a couple hours earlier was the hardest part.  Also it was hard because we hadn’t conditioned for basketball in two weeks and we had a game early in the week.   I had less time to ride my horse and had to stay up late and bundle up in the cold to ride.  In conclusion, getting back into the swing of things was difficult and tiring, but I am glad to start a brand new semester with my awesome class.



Black Friday Shopping

On Thanksgiving night at around seven, I headed to they Haywood Mall to do some early Black Friday shopping.  I got some killer deals at stores like Hollister and American Eagle and got a few more things before taking a small break.  I got some frozen yogurt from Tuti Fruiti and did some people watching.  We saw many odd people in some strange outfits ranging from sunflower leggings to a red velvet fedora. Then I stopped by Palmetto Moon and got a t shirt before leaving the mall.  I got out of the parking lot around eleven thirty and when I got home I went right to sleep.



Laurens Academy Cheerleading Competition

The Laurens Academy Competitive Cheerleading Team competed in their first ever cheerleading competition on Wednesday, October 14.  It took place at Newberry College in the gymnasium.  Seven schools competed in the competition from all around the South Carolina Independent School Association.  The Laurens Academy Cheerleading Team competed against Palmetto Christian and came out in first place!  They got a huge trophy and some high schoolers made signs and cheered  in support of the cheerleaders.  The next day at school, people wrote on their lockers the word “congrats” and little stars all around it and hung up a poster in the hallway.

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PGC Shooting College

Recently, two students, Taylor Campbell and Morgan Marlett, attended a Point Guard College Shooting College session in Marietta, Georgia.  At the camp, attendees learned different shots to take in a game and how a real shooter works out.  They created shooting workouts to track their shot and worked on some new moves to get open.  In the classroom, students watched film and took notes on what makes a good shooter.  Then in the gym, students learned many different drills and techniques and some effective ways to get open.  At the end of the camp, there was an ultimate shooting challenge where the students were divided into teams and they competed in many benchmark shooting drills until one team came out on top.

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Friday’s Pep-Rally

Last Friday, at Laurens Academy there was a football pep-rally before the Newberry Game.  It started out by the cheerleaders cheering and leading the students in interactive cheers.  Then we played a game where some of the students would get onto two, small teams and one person from each team at a time would run down to a bat and spin around ten times with their forehead on the top of the bat and then try to weave through a series of cones back to their line.  Some went through it without trouble and some fell once or even twice!  Then the cheerleaders danced and gave out the spirit football to two of the most spirited classes.  After that, all of the students went down to the floor from the bleachers and danced to several songs including out victory dance.  Then the students went back to class and that wrapped up the pep-rally.

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Basketball Pre-Season Workouts

With the basketball season quickly approaching, the Laurens Academy Varsity Girls Basketball Team has been preparing for it. Head Coach, Jason Marlett has been scheduling weekly basketball workouts for up to three girls each time. These workouts are 90 minutes and include stretching, ball handling and a shooting workout. These workouts may also include drills to boost cardio and get game-speed shots off; Coach Marlett also shows the girls some moves and skills they can use during the season. Thanks to these workouts the Varsity Girls Basketball Team will be better prepared for the season and be able to compete and succeed against bigger and older region teams.

Transition From Middle School to Varsity Sports

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Going from middle school to varsity sports was a big transition.  The games are more intense and the competition is greater.  The coaches and players take everything more seriously and there is more at stake every time you take the court or field.  In varsity sports, you have the chance to achieve a state title for season or tournament champion.  Every region game counts toward your spot in the state tournament, as where in middle school the highest accomplishment you can achieve is a region title.  The practices are also structured differently.  They last longer and so far they seem more intense.  To sum it up this transition is huge and so far I like it, and look forward to the next four years of my varsity sports career.