Dodge Ball for Charity

The Laurens YMCA held a dodge ball tournament for a friend of mine named Ryan Elledge. He is fighting a battle against cancer, although I have not gone through it,  I know it is hard. I’ve had  someone with cancer in my family before and it’s difficult to watch someone suffer. The tournament had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun a lot of kids from Laurens Middle were there to support Ryan.  The Dodge Ball Tournament entrance fee was 10$ and all the money went to Ryan’s family to help pay for his hospital bills. I know cancer is a hard battle but I know Ryan and I know he can fight through this.





This past week my mom, sister, and older brother went on a mission trip to Haiti. They went with my church, First Baptist Church of Laurens. A total of twenty-two people went. Their goal was to help with getting the Mal-Nutrition Center up and running, build a house for a family in need, and teach a class on how to take care of new born baby’s. The trip was great and my mom told me that people who could barely walk still had the biggest smile on the face and people who had almost nothing were so happy for what they do have. I think there is a very great lesson to be learned here that people need to stop worrying about what they don’t have and be happy for what they do have.


Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist who led the civil rights movement. He became a civil rights activist when he was young and he is best known for his advancements of civil rights using nonviolent tactics to get his point across.

In his early life he helped the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and he became one of its first Presidents. Later in 1963 he led his famous March on Washington campaign where he delivered on of the most well known speeches known as I had a Dream.

After the speech he was known as a great orator which means he is a great speaker. He won the Nobel peace prize in 1964 and I believe it was well deserved because our country would be worse off if it wasn’t for him. He was assassinated in 1968 and he touched the country so much there were riots. There was a holiday named after him in 1986 he was a great man and I am glad we can celebrate his life.


Senior night



This year’s football senior night was October 28,2016. Senior night is where on the last home football game we honor the senior football players and the senior cheerleaders.  The senior football players were Jack Kobe , Jack Kerber , Jonathan Burns , and Will Price . The enior cheerleaders are Ashley Doolittle, Carmen McGee, Madisen Faulkner, and Tori Garrett.

It was a hard game and we lost in the end and I wish we would have won but I think we sent the seniors off on a good note because we may not be a very good team but everybody played their hardest at every game. I am sad I won’t get to play with them again but I am also proud to have been able to play with some physical, athletic, and all around good guys.

The Fair Queen

IMG_7126.PNGLaurens Academy 10th grader Julia Kerber, my sister, recently won the South Greenville Fair Queen. She was very happy but didn’t even know she won. The top three were notified by email. For some reason, she didn’t receive hers.

Julia was walking around the fair when she got from someone asking wear she was. My sister was confused until the person on her phone told her she was in the top three and she was needed on the stage.

Julia wasn’t dressed for that but luckily she had a nice outfit in the car. She changed and headed to the stage. It was a nice surprise when she won and was awarded a $500 scholarship.

The New Face In The LA Office

The Laurens Academy office is happy to welcome new receptionist Kimberly Lollis.  Mrs. Lollis is taking the position formerly held by Katherine Bagwell.

Mrs. Lollis worked in other school before so she knows the ins and outs of school life.  She is enjoying Laurens Academy because there isn’t much stress and she loves meeting all of the students here.

One of her goals is to learn all of the student’s names as quickly as possible.  She always has a smile of her face which is nice to see when you have to go to the office.  Mrs. Lollis also likes to kid around alot.

Although we were sad to see Mrs. Bagwell leave the office, she is still very much a part of the LA family.  We are looking forward to learning more about Mrs. Lollis and getting to know her.  The Bible says “God makes all things work together for good.”