Book Fair

Beginning Friday, May 6th, and ending Friday May 13th, the Scholastic Book Fair came back to Laurens Academy. As usual, they had a variety of books and cute toys. They also had erasers, pens, pencils, and posters. One special component of the Book Fair is that the older students come down and help the younger children make their wish lists. A wish list is a list that tells parents what books and toys their child wants, and also how much they cost. There is also a friendly competition for the lower school classes. Third grade won first, second grade won second, and K5 won third. In the end, the library racked up nearly $2,800



Softball Senior Night

Last Thursday, April 28, the softball team recognized their two seniors, Cassie Adair and Cassidy Crowder. After both teams had warmed up, and right before their final game began, a ceremony was held in their honor. They were recognized for all the sports and clubs they have been a part of during their time at Laurens Academy, where they plan to attend college, and what they plan on majoring in. They also received gifts that included a softball signed by the team, a monogrammed fuzzy bath robe, and a picture. After the ceremony, Cassie started her final game at third base, but later moved to second, and Cassidy started hers at the pitcher’s mound, but later moved to first base. We will miss our seniors and wish them good luck in college!

High School Art Project

For the next few classes in high school art, the students will be making a storyboard in pairs or individually. A storyboard is a series of photos with captions that layout a story or movie idea. We were given paper with lines and picture space to write and draw out our ideas. We have the options of drawing the story, using clay for the story, or taking real pictures of the story. In the end, we are to put the whole story on Microsoft Office PowerPoint, complete with a title, pictures, and captions. All this is due Wednesday, April 20th.

The Tradition of Dying Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are chicken eggs that are often decorated to celebrate Easter. The oldest tradition is to use real eggs, but a more modern tradition is to use plastic eggs filled with candy or money. Although eggs were a traditional symbol of life, in Christianity, for the celebration of Easter, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, from which Jesus came back to life. One ancient tradition was dying eggs red “in memory of the blood of Christ, shed as at that time of his crucifixion”. The custom of dying Easter eggs can be traced back to early Christians in Mesopotamia. From there it spread into Russia through the Orthodox Churches, and later into Europe through the Catholic and Protestant Churches.


9th Grade Auction Project



Over the past couple of weeks, the high school art class have been working on refurbishing four fold-able chairs with Ms. Howiler for the auction. The class was separated into 4 groups of 5. Each group was given freedom to design their chairs however they wanted. They started by sanding the chairs and wiping them off. Then they sketched out a design for the chair, and had the design approved. The next step was to put a layer of primer on the chair and to paint the chair. After all this, they had to paint fabric and staple it on to the chair. All the chairs turned out great and everyone loved them.

4H Competition

On Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21, Morgan Marlett, Julia Katherine Marlett, and Lindsey Burroughs participated in a 2-day 4H competition. The first day was horse bowl, which is where different teams from different clubs come together in teams of four and buzz in when asked questions. Julia came in 9th individually, but her team did not place. The next day was hippology. This is where all the contestants take a written test, a slide show test, a horse judging test, a test where you go to stations, and a team problem. Julia came in 8th individually for stations, and her team came in 5th in stations. Morgan got 10th in stations individually, and her team with Lindsey got 5th in the written test, 4th in stations, 5th in horse judging, and 5th overall.


Senior Night Pep Rally

Last Tuesday, the Varsity cheerleaders put on a pep rally for Senior Night. The members of the squad are senior Cassidy Crowder, juniors Tori Garrett and Ashley Doolittle, sophomore Sarabeth McCall, and freshman Lindsey Burroughs. They opened it up then Peter Tillman recognized the seniors, Noah Stribling, Ryan Holmes, Josh Urwick, Nate Martin, and Cassidy Crowder. Later on, those seniors plus Ryan Sneed and a couple middle schoolers and lower schoolers played a basketball related game. It was a great way to get our school pepped up for our upcoming games!

FCA Coat Drive

The high school FCA is holding a coat drive that has been going on for about a month now. All the coats will be going to adults and children who really need them this winter. They are asking for gently used coats and jackets. Around the school you will find blue donation barrels, with flyers about the coat drive on them, to place the coats in. You have at least two more weeks to bring them in. You can bring the coats at a basketball game, when you pick up your child, or you can send it with your child to school or practice.

Sporting Clay Meet



Last Saturday, December 5, the Sporting Clay’s team had their first official meet in Georgetown, SC. We had four different teams out of the 10 members. Cassidy Crowder, Carmen McGee, and Audrey Thompson were on a team; Ashley Magda, Lindsey Burroughs, and Ashley Doolittle were on a team. Riley Berry, Wil Tindall, and Ryan Anderson were on a team and Jack Kerber was on his own team. All of the teams did pretty well and most people shot their highest score this season. The course had a variety of different shots including a shot that bounced off a trampoline. It also had one that rolled across the field. It was a very fun day.

Senior Night

Senior Night in football season is a very special night where we honor our seniors playing football and seniors that cheer. This year we had six seniors, Cassidy Crowder, Noah Stribling, Ryan Holmes, Josh Urwick, Nate Martin, and Ryan Holmes. Each of these seniors had many sports that they have played or play, and they had many accomplishments in the sports. They also were in academic clubs such as Beta Club and National Honor Society. Many seniors also take part in FCA. Each senior was joined by their parents on the field after they got to the fifty yard line, and their pictures were taken. Good luck to them all in college next year!

Senior Night - Sean (7)

Homecoming Court

Laurens Academy’s high school students recently made nominations for the 2015 Homecoming Court! The nominees are:

Ninth Grade

  • Kerington Armstrong
  • Francesca Oed
  • Julia Kerber

Tenth Grade

  • Ashley Magda
  • Sarabeth McCall
  • Hannah Lawson

Eleventh Grade

  • Sara Spoone
  • Braden Brewington
  • Anna Mitchum

Twelfth Grade

  • Cassidy Crowder
  • Cassie Adair
  • Jemma Grace O’Bryant
  • Lincy Lin

Originally, homecoming was going to be the ninth of October, but due to King Academy Knights’  injured players, the game was cancelled and homecoming was moved to the twenty-third of October and we will be playing Wardlaw Academy Patriots.

Grandparent’s Day

Varsity vs Newberry (48)

Grandparent’s Day was a success! At 10:00, the grandparents started coming and filling the gym. At 11:00, the students came in time for a pep rally. The cheerleaders did a few cheers, a stunt cheer, and a dance to a Gatorade song. The stunt was a prep and an extension. Then they played a game of Family Feud and the winning team won candy. Next, the cheerleaders did a few more cheers and another stunt cheer. This one was a twist-up to a prep and then an extension. To end the pep rally, they danced to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley and used the dance from Rocky Top. They did a cool stunt called the leap frog and ended the pep rally. Afterwards, the grandparents could eat, see classrooms, and get a picture with their grandchildren.

First Pep Rally


The first pep rally of the 2015 football season was on Friday, August 28, 2015. The cheerleaders opened it up with a couple of cheers and then the middle school volleyball and football teams were recognized. Next the varsity cheerleaders, volleyball players, and football players were announced. The cheerleaders did a few more cheers including a stunt cheer. Then we played ships and sailors until Noah Stribling and Will Price were the last two left standing. Next, the cheerleaders came back out and did a dance to “Pretty Girls” with a super cute show and got to start it off. After it ended everyone danced to The Victory Dance, Hit the Quan, Watch Me Whip, and The Cupid Shuffle.