LA Sad to Lose Long Time Teacher



Laurens Academy is sad to say that next year our high school English teacher, Ms. Paula Urwick, will not be returning to teach. Ms. Urwick has taught me for two years. I have learned many things from her in the past two years. She has taught us not only English lessons but she has also taught us some life lessons.

Ms. Urwick  is a very good and supportive teacher. She always offers to help us students whenever we may be having trouble with things. She is also always helping us out by giving us extra daily grades. I always enjoy Ms. Urwick’s class. She makes our class laugh but she also gets serious about school work. We will miss Ms. Urwick when she leaves next year.






CNN Center

On the Thursday before spring break, March 31st, our high school students went to Atlanta, Georgia. We went and toured many places but out of all of them, I enjoyed the CNN center the most. Before the tour, we went up this really tall escalator that took us into a big globe where they took a picture of our group. During the tour, they showed us sort of behind the scenes of everything they do at the center. They showed us how they do the weather and how to work the green screen. Towards the end of the tour, we went to the room where the guide showed us everything they do on social media. It was very cool how they do everything. At the end, they told us a little bit about the building. My favorite fact I learned about the building was that the floor in their food court was made out of tiles which made a picture of the map. I enjoyed the CNN center very much. I would definitely go back and tour it again.





It’s that time again. Time for prom, dress shopping, and best of all prom-posals. This is a very exciting time of the year for some girls. It is very sweet and fun to see what the guys come up with to ask girls to prom. Most guys get very creative when asking their friends or girlfriends to prom. They may do a cute poster or even go all out and do something related to a sport one of them play. I even saw one happen at a dance competition. It was very sweet. By now, many guys have already asked their girls to prom. But guys it’s not too late! Think of a cute, creative way to ask someone to prom.



Remembering Officer Larry

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Heaven gained another angel. Officer Larry Young was a part of the Laurens County Sheriffs Office for over 20 years. He worked for the DARE program a majority of that time. He started working for the program in the late 90’s. Throughout his time, he had over 10,000 students and had a very friendly attitude towards all of them. Officer Larry was a very understandable person and always taught us what the right things to do where. He always made DARE fun and he class enjoyable. Officer Larry will never be forgotten!

Around The Clock Shower


Laurens Academy alumni and current staff member, Kathryn Burrows, is getting married. The LA staff members are having an around the clock bridal shower for her this afternoon. Each staff member has been assigned an hour of the day and some may have been assigned the same time. They each are to bring a gift that the bride can use at that time of day. It can be any hour of the day. This themed shower is very fun and always a great choice for any bride. Congratulations Kathryn! Best wishes from your LA family!!





Sweetheart Dance

On Saturday, February 27th, the middle school sweetheart dance will be held in the LA gym. Any 6th thru 8th graders are welcome to come. The dress code is semi-formal so you do not have to dress too fancy but school dress code still applies. The dance is from 6:30 to 10:00 PM. Your middle schoolers could have the best time hanging around with friends and even enjoying a few snacks. To get your tickets in advance you can stop by the office. They will be $7 in advance but if you want to wait, you can wait until you get there where the tickets will be $10, at the door.





Driving School

Recently, a few students in my class took a part in Driver’s Education. Our teacher is a local driving instructor. He did a very good job at showing us the rules of the road and what is right and wrong. With this program, we have to have 4 driving sessions in order to get our license in 6 months. When it is your time to drive, they will come and pick you up at your house and teach you how to parallel, do a 3-point turn, and also back straight up 100ft. All of those things will be on your driving test so they help to prepare you. The coaches from our driving school were very nice and helpful. They will help you with anything you need.



Christmas Parades


On Saturday, December 5th, Laurens and Clinton held their annual Christmas Parades. They had floats from different churches, schools, and organizations. Some of the floats were very big and decorative and others were very small. Our very own lady crusaders middle school and varsity basketball teams rode on the back of a fire truck in the Laurens parade. There were a lot of people that camo out to watch the parades. The Laurens homecoming queen and princesses were in the Laurens parade and the Clinton homecoming queen and princesses were in the Clinton parade. The parade was so much fun spending time with friends.


Spoone Named All-Region


Laurens Academy junior, Sara Spoone was named all region. She was a great leader on our varsity volleyball team. Her season ended with 112 kills, 196 served points, 130 digs and 59 aces. This is Sara’s second consecutive year being named to the SCISA 1A All- Region Volleyball Team. Sara along with Anna Mitchum and Madisen Faulkner helped lead our team. They helped us change from not knowing each other that well to us becoming more like sisters by the end of the season. Congratulations to Sara on what she has accomplished this past volleyball season!!

Middle School Students Travel to Look up Lodge


On Friday October 25, the middle school traveled to Look up Lodge. Students got to enjoy the outside by playing basketball, volleyball, and sliding down a long, slippery water slide into a pond. While they were there, it was raining the whole time. Last year, we got to do the three-man-swing along with several other things that they were not able to do because of the rain. While students were there, the workers fed them lunch and dinner and read a few Bible stories to them. Also, the students got to enjoy spending time together by sitting around a bonfire and splitting into groups and acting out plays. The middle school students had a great time getting closer to each other and spending time with friends on their day at Look up Lodge.

New Cheer Uniforms

Varsity vs Newberry (169)

Our Laurens Academy Varsity Cheerleaders just received new cheer uniforms. They are navy with silver writing and have 2 silver stripes going across them. The new uniforms arrived on the Wednesday just in time for Grandparent’s Day.  They also came with new shoes that match the uniforms.. The new uniforms aren’t as heavy as the old ones so they are more comfortable. Before they got the new shoes, none of the cheerleaders shoes matched.. Now, they all match! The cheerleaders like these new uniforms and the shoes that came along with them. They looked super good as they were cheering and are a new way to represent our Laurens Academy Crusaders.

Honoring The Life of Caleb Greene


On August 7,2015, Laurens Academy lost a former student, Caleb Greene, a 2014 graduate. Before Friday night’s football game we honored Caleb by releasing balloons. Also, they prepared a message about his life along with a moment of silence. During the first quarter the cheerleaders handed out bracelets with his name on them along with John 3:16. The football team wore helmet stickers and the cheerleaders had bows with CG on them. Although we will miss Caleb greatly we know he is in Heaven with the Lord.

John 3:16 (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.