Eagle Scout

Recently, Senior Peter Tillman earned an extreme honor in Boy Scouts. Peter received the rank of an Eagle Scout. He has worked hard to gain this rank, and with hard work and dedication, he had the honor of becoming one. There are not many people who achieve that goal, but the ones who do, deserve the respect of everyone. The ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church in Laurens and was attended by his proud parents and several LA classmates. Peter was calm the entire time, but showed excitement after the ceremony ended. It is not easy to get into the ranks of an Eagle Scout, however, Peter did it. I have been to three of these ceremonies, but each and every one has a special feeling to it, and they were all special moments.


1st Baseball Game

The Laurens Academy baseball teams first game was last Tuesday, against the three-A team Hammond. We ended up with a 0-10 loss. I am the only freshman playing, which is weird because I am use to playing with other classmates. This year our team consists of Will Price, Jonathan Burns, Daniel Black, Peter Tillman, Cade Robertson,  Will Tindal, Dawson Foster, Kenny Langston, Thomas Lowry, Jonas Smith, Reles Littleton, Bob, and Cal Robertson. We have also faced Oakbrook, a two-A school, who had a pitcher who was difficult to get a hit off of. In order for us to be good, we have to practice our hearts out, and we have to want to win. We have a chance to win our region this year, which would be amazing.



1000 Points

Ruthie Moore hits 1,000th point milestone at Laurens AcademyFriday, February 3rd, Ruthie Moore scored her 1000 points. Lucky for for Ruthie, it was on Senior Night against one of our biggest rivals, the Newberry Academy Eagles. Ruthie Moore is only a sophomore, which is amazing in itself. The bigger possibility, is that she could score over 2000 before she graduates. Ruthie Moore has an amazing ability to be a top scorer on any terms of any game. Ruthie has played basketball at Laurens Academy since she was in sixth grade. She is an extremely important part of her team, because of her experience. Ruthie is part of an undefeated, region champion team. They have a team that has the talent to win the state championship, and become the number one girls team in our state. Ruthie has had an amazing season, but she hopes to end the season with a state championship trophy and banner.


Valentines Day

Image result for heartEver year, people celebrate Valentines Day. They exchange cards, give chocolate and flowers to people they love. At our school, we give out Candy Grams. Candy Grams are little bags of candy. The good thing about Candy Grams, is that anyone can send one to anyone at the school.

Valentines Day was named after a Christian who was executed in a Roman arena. We call it that because of the ultimate sacrifices we make for the ones we love. Everyone should celebrate Valentines day, because of its significance in every ones lives.





Critter Keeper


Last week, elementary school was entertained by the Critter Keeper (Randy Miller). Randy had snakes, spiders, lizards, and other animals. He comes to show kids some amazing animals that are not usually seen, and are rare. Randy lets the kids touch the animals, if they are careful and treat them with respect.

I think that it is a good idea to let kids interact with nature in a controlled environment. Everyone looks forward to the Critter Keeper coming, and would like to see him come for many more.

Another great thing about Randy, is that he not only teaches about nature, he also teaches the word of God. He incorporates a Bible lesson in with each animal.  I think that it is especially important for young kids to learn about God at an early age.


LA Debates Free College

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On October 14, two LA debate teams discussed if college should be a free ride, or if people should work to get through college.The team that thought college should be earned consisted of Jack Kerber, Sara Spoone, Anna Mitchum, Daniel Black, Terry Brown, Carmen McGee, Cade Robertson, and Ashley Doolittle. The team that thought college should be a free ride consisted of Jonathan Burns, Peter Tillman, Madison Faulkner, Braden Brewington, Will Price, Tori Garrett, and Nick Johnson.

While both sides had excellent points, I think agree with Jack’s team, when they said that college should be earned, not given out freely. The students watching the debate were split between the two teams opinions, and there was no clear winner. I hope that there are more debates, because I enjoyed listening to the seniors voice their opinions.

Online Classes

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Taking an online class is not as bad as you think once you start. There are many classes to choose from. Some classes like mine, have an online chat, where you can engage with the teacher. I take an online math class that has a play-by-play video called a math cast. I have a set date to do certain lessons by, however, I can work at my own pace as long as I get the work done. Every so often I have a discussion, in which I have to discuss the ”building plan” for the Biltmore House. Online classes are not for everyone because you have to be self-motivated.  Some students need a teacher around to give them an extra push.  Thankfully, my teachers at Laurens Academy are here to help when I have a question with my online class.