The 2017 Color Run

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This past weekend was the annual Color Run. It was Saturday, March 4, 2017. It was a pretty big turnout, and I would say there were probably a couple thousand people there participating. Everyone was having a great time, and lots of music was playing. It was a 5k, so that equals about three miles.

Afterwards there’s a giant dance party where everyone dances and throws color at each other. It was really cold in the morning, almost about 30 degrees. I ran it in about 35 minutes with my group.

There were checkpoints throughout the trail you ran on that people stood at and threw piles of a certain color at your face and it would get in your eyes but everyone had the best time.



Middle School Dance

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Every year, we have a Middle School Dance. Counting this year, my mom, Lisa Suttles, has planned the dance for the last four years and every year it is a different theme.

She has chosen this year’s theme to be “All That Glitters Is Gold”. There will be gold streamers and decorations everywhere. The dance will be held in the Laurens Academy gym on March 25, 2017.

The middle schoolers are always excited to get dressed up for the dance every year, and it’s almost like a big party. There’s food, drinks, music, and even a photo booth. In the past, some themes have been: “Spring Fling”, “Winter Wonderland”, and a “Sweetheart Dance”. We are excited to see the turnout this year!

Christian History Class

TImage result for bible This semester, the freshmen began a new class called Christian History. Mrs. Codington teaches the class. In this new class, we talk about the Old Testament for half of the semester. For the other half of the semester, we talk about the New Testament.

We are also using a Bible Study Tools app and it has a one year reading plan. Every night, we read the scheduled chapters and verses for the day. The goal is to read the whole Bible by January of next year.

We also do this Bible drill game at the end of every class. Mrs. Codington names a book of the Bible and you have to find it as fast as you can. I think it will be a great class to have.

Middle/High School Christmas Concert

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Since Christmas is almost here, that means so is a Laurens Academy Christmas Concert. The middle school/high school concert this year will be held on Thursday, December 8th, at 7:00 p.m.

The middle school will sing a few Christmas songs and perform some drama acts. The high school will also combine classes and also sing Christmas songs, that we have been practicing singing for weeks. The ninth and tenth grade handbell classes will be performing songs also.

The high school girls will be singing a Christmas song with a few dance moves to it. Mrs. Pat came up with the choreography to it. That same week, the Scholastic Book Fair will be going on, and it will be open that night giving the kids a chance to bring their parents to get books.


K4 and K5 Pow-Wow

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Every year, the K4 and K5 classes have what we call a Pow-Wow here at Laurens Academy. This year it’ll be held on Friday, November 18th, at 8:30 a.m. They learn what Thanksgiving is really about between the Pilgrims and Indians. The K4 class is doing Cherokee Indians and the K5 class is doing Wampanoag Indians.

During the Pow-Wow, each class sings five or six songs about their Indian group, saying what the Indians ate, where they lived, and what type of houses they lived in. The teachers of the K4 and K5 classes make the costumes for the kids. They are made out of t-shirts and beads. The kids also wear decorated headbands and beaded necklaces. The parents come and watch their kids sing and then they all feast on Thanksgiving food!

Buddy Class

img_7125Laurens Academy has a great program called Buddy Class. Each upper school class, (6th-12th), is put with an elementary class. This program is a great way for both the younger and older kids to get to know each other. This year’s first Buddy Class activity was last Thursday from 9:45-10:15. We made some things for Grandparents’ Day, which is this Friday, September 30th. The K4 class was paired with 8th, K5 with 7th, 1st with 9th, 2nd with 6th, 3rd with 11th, 4th with 10th, and 5th with 12th.

Our Grandparents’ Day project was a strip of white paper where both the big and little buddies each write their names on the piece of paper. We’re going to connect them into a stick person, attaching them and making arms and legs and a body. It’s going to be topped off with a head that has a smiley face and it’ll show the buddy class grades. Everybody loves Buddy Class time. It’s a great way for our school to get to know each other and spend time together!

Updates In Volleyball


      This 2016-2016 volleyball season has been going well. The varsity team has won all but one game. Fortunately that one didn’t count as a region game. We lost to Wardlaw who is a very strong opponent.

       Our next game is Monday, September 19. That week, we will have three home games. The middle school, being a young and new team, unfortunately hasn’t won a game yet. They are still learning the rotations and are doing a great job keeping up!

       Last week,both teams played at Anderson Christian. Middle school was so close to a win, but the Anderson Lions came back and won. Our middle school was ahead by three or four points, and they were so close. The varsity won in three games. The first game, we won 25-5. It counted as a region game, and we’re hoping to keep up our winning streak!