Middle School’s Athletic Banquet


The annual middle school’s athletic banquet was held on Thursday, May 12th this year. Every family brought a dish or dessert to put out for the potluck dinner. After dinner, coaches recognized all the athletes that participated on the teams. This year the special awards included the TNT, offensive MVP, defensive MVP, coaches award, sportsmanship, most improved, and toughness award were awarded to 4 players on each team. The middle school students that won these awards include: Hunter Sipes, Thomas Lowry, Charlton McCall, Kenny Langston, Luke Kerber, Scott Anderson, Cilla Burns, Reagan Williamson, Julia Katherine, Katelyn Shuttles, Reles Littleton, Colton McGee, and Cal Robertson. Congratulations to all the award winners this year!


Biltmore Presentations

      On April 13, 2016, the Laurens Academy middle school took a field trip to the beautiful Biltmore House. They were able to spend a whole day there and see many sights such as the inside of the house, the gardens, and the farmyard. When they returned from their fun field trip the eighth grade was assigned a PowerPoint presentation. They were told to include the sights they were able to see at Biltmore House. Some of the kids mentioned the beautiful fields of flowers, the interesting statues on the house such as lions and gargoyles, and the farm animals such as goats and horses. The middle school had a great time at the Biltmore House and were able to make some interesting power point presentations on their experiences.

Mission Trip

This past weekend Laurens academy students had the opportunity to go on a weekend mission trip to Allendale, SC with the First Baptist of Laurens County. I was able to go on this trip myself and help many families in need. Eighteen people from Laurens County went on this trip. We arrived late Friday night, and stayed in a mission home next to their local Spring Valley Church. The next morning we gathered information on the tasks that needed to be done, broke into groups, and got to work.

Four of our team members went to stain a school stage. Five members went to assemble a greenhouse next to the school for the lunch ladies to grow fresh and healthy food for the students. Five other members went to build a ramp for a 95 year old woman that was recently put into a wheelchair. The remaining four went to repair a leaking roof for a family. Most of the groups finished their projects and the others were really close to finishing. We had a great time and were able to help many people in need.

Auction Baskets

The Laurens Academy Auction was held Saturday, March 12th at The Laurens County Exchange Building. One of the great traditions and best sellers are the class baskets. Each grade came up with a theme and the students filled a large basket with items that go along with the theme. Below is a list of the classes and baskets that were sold:

  • K4 – Barbie
  • K5 – Princess
  • 3rd – Star Wars
  • 4th – Lego
  • 5th – Summer Fun ( beach items, yard games, and water games )
  • 6th – BBQ
  • 7th – Family Night ( games, movies, ice cream, and Frankie’s Fun Park cards )
  • 8th – Clemson
  • 9th – Spring Cleaning
  • 10th – USC
  • 11th – Out Doors ( camping, fishing, hunting)
  • 12th – Gift Cards

A big THANK YOU to all that came to our auction and supported our school!


Clinton House Shoot


The Laurens Academy Clay Shooting team had a match Saturday, February 20th. At this shoot, there were over 500 students that participated from all over the state. The Laurens Academy girl’s team shot on the red course and the boys team shot on the blue course. each of which has 15 stations  Even thought the Laurens Academy Clay Shooting team did not win any awards, each team shot high percentages and did a great job at the Clinton House Shoot. Congratulations on doing such a great job!

Circus Field Trip



The circus is a fun and exciting place for kids of all ages. Getting to see animals and people doing crazy, dangerous stunts is one of the main reasons circuses are so entertaining.

This past Friday, the first and second grade classes took a field trip to the Greenville. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show was at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. All the kids had a exciting time watching the tight ropes, clowns, tigers and also the amazing elephants, while eating some of their favorite snacks.

This year was a historic year because this was the last year that elephants will be part of the big act. Recently laws have been passed to release the elephants from all circuses, and it is estimated to be completely in place by 2018. Some recent studies have shown that elephants, even though it is said that they are treated like royals in the circus, are always under a lot of stress. They were created to be free to run in the wild, but in the circus they are locked in small trains and stalls sometimes for days at a time. This has made the elephants moods change from intelligent happy animals, to depressed and sometimes violent.

Even though elephants will be missed from the circus with all their amazing talents, I am glad they will be more happy, and that the students from our school were able to see these beautiful animals one last time.

Francesca Oeds Last Week at LA

The past weekend one of the German exchange student, Francesca Oed, from ninth grade, went back to Germany. To celebrate with her before she left, her class mates and basketball team put together a few fun events. Her class, ninth grade, had a surprise party for her. During the party we ate, drank, and went around the room saying one thing we appreciate about her. The varsity girls basketball team did a ring of appreciation for her, made her a picture frame with a picture of the team, and had a cookie cake after her last game. A few of her close friends and her American family put together a trip to Frankie’s fun park and dinner on her last day in America. We had a great semester with Francesca, and hope she will come visit US again soon!DSC_0146

Art Field Trip

The Laurens Academy 9th grade and advanced art classes went on a field trip with Ms. Howiler. On the field trip, the classes went to two museums and ate lunch at the USC Cafeteria. At the first museum, the guides showed the students the art work, and talked about the artists. The main artist at the museum was Georga O’ Keith. In the museum they had 14 wonderful pieces of her art work and the students learned  about her history and what inspired her to paint. They enjoyed the field trip and learned about many famous, talented artists.

SCISA Art Competition


A wonderful piece of art work, or a photograph from each grade was chosen to be entered in the SCISA art competition. Many beautiful paintings, drawings, and photographs were entered this year. From 9th grade, Morgan Marlett’s picture was selected to be entered. Her picture was a close up of her horse’s eye. In the picture of her horse’s eye, you could also see Morgan in the reflection. At the SCISA art show, Morgan’s photograph won a red, second place ribbon for her age group. Congratulations to Morgan Marlett on winning second place, and to all the other pictures, drawings, and photographs that were chosen to be entered for there age group in the art competition.

Bake Sale

Mrs. Codington has hosted a bake sale for the past two year at Laurens Academy. She has had this bake sale to raise money for Mitochondrial Research. Mitochondrial disease is a group of disorders caused by dysfunctional mitochondria, the organelles that generate energy for the cell of the human body except red blood cells, and converts the energy of food molecules into the ATP that powers most cell functions. Mrs. Codington raised money last year and raised a little over a hundred dollars this year with the bake sale.  At the bake sale there were cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. All the sweets were sold during middle school, and high school breaks at school for a whole week.  Classes at the school also helped by providing sweets for the bake sale and making and hanging up posters to make sure every one knew to bring money to buy sweets and support the bake sale.

Varsity Volleyball Jamboree

vs Greenwood Christian (25)

On August 15, 2015 the Lauren’s Academy Varsity Volleyball team played in the Newberry Academy Volleyball Jamboree. During the Jamboree the Lady Crusader girls won two out of three games they played against Greenwood Christian, Cambridge, and WW King.

The first game our Lady Crusaders played was against Greenwood Christian. The first game, we lost to a close score of  25 to 22. The second and third game played against Greenwood Christian we won with scores of 25 to 21 and 12 to 7. During this game Hannah Stribling had seven great serves, two assists, and two kills.

The second game played during the tournament was against Cambridge. The Lady Crusaders lost both of the games with very close scores of 25 to 20, and 25 to 22. Even though we lost this game Anna Mitchum had three served points, and six set assists.

The third game was played against WW King The first game we played against WW King  the Lady Crusaders lost a close game with a score of 25 to 22, but the next two games we came back and beat them with scores of 25 to 13, and 12 to 8. This game Hannah Lawson had six served points, two assists, and five kills.

Congratulations to our Lady Crusader Varsity Volleyball team for their great wins at the Jamboree and good luck for the rest of the season.