International Football Players

This year during football, we have a good many of international kids on our football team.The kids are Frank, Alajandro, Octavio, and big James.

Frank is from China. He hurt his hand before the school year even started, and could not play until the 15th of September. He has already played football at North land Christian School high school in Texas, and he enjoyed playing there. He currently plays nose guard on defense.

Alejandro is from Monterrey, Mexico. He has never played football before, and plays defensive back. Four years ago, his brother, Alfonso was a student here and he also played football.

Octavio is from Spain, he has never played football, but he has played soccer. Octavio can kick field goals up to 25 yards or more.

Big James is our 6 ft.4, 350 pound, Mongolian player. He plays left guard on offense, and nose guard on defense.

We currently have had a tough season, but having the international students on the football team has been a great experience for them and the rest of the players.



Tower Garden

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The new science teacher, Mrs. Sampson, has put to use a tower garden that was given to us by someone at the beginning of the school year.  The tower garden uses a system called Aeroponics. This is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of dirt or soil. The tower also has lights that act as sunlight. The lights are surprisingly enough to keep the plants growing fresh and strong. This tower garden can grow up to twenty vegetables at one time. Mrs. Sampson currently has lettuce growing on the tower garden. It is currently doing very well and tastes great! The garden waters for fifteen minutes a day and the plants stay very fresh.