Music Fieldtrip Results

Last Thursday, the middle school and the high school went to compete at a music competition in the University of South Carolina. Our music teacher is Mrs. Pat. She is very kind and gets very fired up when music is involved with something. When we got there we had to wait a very long time for all of the other high school students to sing their songs. Finally we got into the room to sing.

The judge was very kind and told us that we did very good. She liked the sign language part of our song, Light of the Stable. Our other songs were, Hush Somebody’s Calling My Name, and Down to the River. We got second place over all of the high schools, and the middle school won first place over all of the middle schools! We were all very proud of the middle school and the high school music classes.


Clemson Celebration

Image result for clemson pawA couple of weeks ago the Clemson Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football National Championship. The weekend after the victory Clemson fans lined the streets to watch a parade to celebrate the victory. Sadly I was not able to show up for that but I was able to go see the seniors speak in Death Valley, their football stadium.

The players that spoke were Deshaun Watson, Ben Boulware, Jay Guillermo, Jadar Johnson, Mike Williams, and several other coaches and players.After all of the players finished their speeches, the head coach, Dabo Swinney, spoke for about twenty minutes and never stopped. There was a joke going around that if you heard his speech  you didn’t have to go to church that Sunday.

The last part of the celebration, which was my favorite part, was going onto the field and meeting some of the players. I got to see Hunter Renfrow, who scored the game winning touchdown, and I was even able to meet Dabo’s coach from Alabama. Overall, it was a very fun trip.

Clemson @ Alabama

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On Monday, January 9th  the number two Clemson Tigers played against the number one Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football National Championship. Clemson has been my favorite team for years so I was certainly rooting for the Tigers.

In the first half, the Crimson tide running back, Bo Scarborough, scored the first touchdown. Clemson was not playing very well, but Alabama was because they scored twice before halftime leaving the Tigers behind 14-7.  

With four minutes to go in the second half, the score was in Clemson’s favor, but Alabama’s quarter back scored a long touchdown to barely gain the lead in the fourth quarter. Clemson was around the five yard line with about five seconds left and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow scored a touchdown and won the game in the last second. This made my family and I very happy and same for the other Clemson fans.

Carolina @ South Carolina

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Saturday, November 26th, the number three Clemson tigers played against their rivals the unranked South Carolina Gamecocks. Last year everyone thought that Clemson would win by a landslide, but they only won by five points. This year was a different story. Clemson won by a huge score of over fifty points to a mere seven points. All of the Clemson fans, staff, and players got their wish to blow out their rivals. The coach, Dabo Swinney, took a timeout to recognise the seniors because it was their last game at home in Death valley. Then, he called another timeout just to take the starters out of the game and put the second and third string back in. My brother, my mom, and I were very excited to see our favorite team destroy one of our least favorite team. This was an amazing final home game for the Clemson seniors.


Clemson Carolina Rivalry

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Pretty soon the Clemson Tigers will be going head to head against their biggest rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks. It will be a preferred home game for the tigers at Death Valley.

Most people will think this is going to be a huge blowout by Clemson because they are number two in the nation and Carolina is not ranked, but I think that this will still be a fairly good game. Last time Clemson only won by five points and it was in the exact same scenario. 

Every year we have a can drive at Laurens Academy for this occasion. This year it will be held the week of November 14-18. We start two huge piles of cans in the gym, one for Clemson fans and one for Carolina fans. The team that collects the most cans wins the competition. I will definitely watch the football game and I will definitely bring cans for the Clemson Tigers.


4th Grade Character Day

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Character Day will be here soon. The fourth graders will be dressing up as famous people from the American Revolution. Some of the costumes that they will be wearing will include these famous people: Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, Betsy Ross, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Revere.

I remember when I was in fourth grade and my class and I did the same thing. They will speak about their character and say some interesting facts that they have learned while researching them. Sometimes their buddy classes are invited to listen to them speak. I always looked forward to school events such as these, and I would be willing to bet that they look forward to and enjoy this too.


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This year in ninth grade we have a new class called Vista. The teacher is Mrs. Finley. It is about preparing for college and our future. We keep a folder of information in our notebooks about this class. It includes things we should do before and during college. This class will help us to learn more about participating in school activities and servicing our community.

Mrs. Finley is an awesome teacher and is good at giving us pointers for college and our future. Our projects will give us a visual out look on college life. We will have to research several colleges for our projects. I like the class and appreciate Mrs. Finley’s help!


Hand Bells

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Music teacher, Pat Adamson is teacher high school students how to play hand-bells.  In my opinion it is one of our most fun activities. My bell is a B note. Some of the songs we are playing are “Jesus Loves Me” and “Doxology.”   We still have a ways to go but we will be playing at different school events throughout the year.

For Scott, Katelyn, and I, this is a very easy class because we have played the piano and other musical instruments. Many other students, and I think that this will definitely be one of our most exciting classes this year. Ms. Adamson makes the class fun and entertaining!