Julia Kerber Winning 4-H Award

IMG_20160426_171155572   This Laurens Academy student just won the Jr. 4-her of the year award. You win the award by volunteering and you have to write a paper on it then you get an interview and they pick the winner. 4-h county leaders choose the winner based on their involvement in the community, volunteer service and leadership activities, as well as the 4H projects they are a part of. This award is given once a year to a 4-her between ages 11-14. Julia is also raising many other animals like goats, rabbits, and cows. Congratulations to Julia Kerber from Laurens Academy.


Ending of Spring Break

April 11th was the last day of our spring break. I was dreading coming back to school. I was so glad that spring break came because we got out of school and we got to sleep late. Most of the people at our school went on a vacation with their family or friends. I went to the beach with my family and we was able to invite a friend.. Some people at our school were fortunate enough to go on a cruise. I was so excited for spring break because that means that I have a couple more months until school ends. I hope everybody had a wonderful spring break!

Spring Break

April  4th  is  the  start  of  our  spring  break.  We  get  a  whole  week  out  for  spring  break.  Everybody  in  the  school  is  looking  forward  to  spring  break.  Most  of  the people  are  going  to  the  beach  or  going  on  a  big  vacation  with  their  family.  I am going to the beach with my family and my girlfriend.  We  are  going  to  North  Myrtle Beach.   Some  of  the  students  are  going  on  a  cruise  and  others  are  going  to California.  Spring break ends April 10th and that is the worst feeling. Everybody is ready to have a break from school.

Shooting Team- 2nd Place

   On Saturday March 5th Laurens Academy’s Clay Shooting team scored second place in the Edgefield shoot. The team was made up of Cassidy Crowder, Audrey Thompson, and Carmen Mcgee. Cassidy shot a sixty nine out of one hundred, Carmen shot fifty nine out of one hundred, and Audrey shot sixty seven out of one hundred. The shoot was sponsored by DNR and was held at the Palmetto Shooting Complex. It was the schools biggest shoot of the year and there was more than five hundred shooters there. We are proud of these girls and their big win, we are ready to see how they do on they do on their next shoot.


CHS Senior Job Shadowing


Emma Milner from Clinton High School job shadowed Mrs. Davenport on Monday, February 29th. She is involved with a district wide news program in district 56 and wanted to see if she would enjoy teaching the things she does everyday. With Mrs. Davenport teaching 6-12th grade students in keyboarding, basic computer knowledge, yearbook, and web app, Emma decided that job shadowing her would be a great fit. When I asked her about it, she said, “I was surprised at how much I enjoyed spending the day here with Mrs. Davenport. I never thought I wanted to teach but now I’m having second thoughts. I love doing things like this and helping people so I’m glad that Laurens Academy allowed me to come visit for the day.”

Christmas Break

Christmas is a very special time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Some people do not celebrate Christmas for the right reason. People these days are happy for Christmas just to get presents not to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. At my house we celebrated Christmas with my friends and family. We had a nice big dinner then we opened presents from our families. Then we watched all the basketball games that was going on. Finally everybody went home and went to sleep. Going back to school was hard because you have to get up early but I still had a fun Christmas and I can’t wait for the next one.

Boys Perspective of Black Friday

Friday, November 21, we got out of school for Thanksgiving break. That Friday everybody went Black Friday shopping. This year was not as crazy as the past years because they opened up the stores earlier and people did not want to go out on Thanksgiving day. I went shopping with Taylor, Reagan, and Florence. We just walked around and looked at stuff because none of us had any money. Then we left the mall and went to Steak and Shake for dinner. After that we went to a couple of more stores and then we left to go home.

World Geography Project

Last week, ninth grade started on project for World Geography. We had to pick a country from the Middle East and write a two page paper on it. For my country I chose Afghanistan because I know lots about it. The paper counts for two test grades one in World Geography and one in English. In English it count for your spelling and grammar. In World Geography it counts for all the information you have on your country. Doing this project is a great experience for us and we can learn a lot about other countries and their cultures.

My First Spirit Week

My first spirit week at Laurens Academy went great. The first day we had pajama day which we have every year. Most of everybody wore onesies . The second day we had camouflage day which was new. I liked camo day because I was warm and I have lots of camo. The third day we had wacky tacky/ pink out day.  This one person wore pink pants and a pink shirt. We wore pink because it was breast cancer awareness month. The fourth day was Hawaiian day. My mom gave me a grass skirt and coconuts to wear. Everyone wore a Hawaiian shirt and a lei. The last day was spirit day. We had to wear our homecoming shirts or any LA gear. My first spirit week was a success.

Christmas concert

In music class we have started practicing our Christmas concert. We are singing a song called The Perfect Winter Day. I am not a big fan of singing because I can not sing at all. We are going to get on stage and separate in to two groups. I think it is good we are in groups so they don’t have to hear me sing. On Monday we are going to get a sheet that has the words on it so that we can remember the song so that we don’t read it on stage. I think we are doing a great job.

My First Day at LA


My first day at Laurens Academy went great. On my first day at LA I met a lot of new friends. Leaving Clinton was tough, but once I got settled in at LA I like it a lot more. At LA, the people are a lot nicer and the teachers are also better. When I first started LA, I thought that it was going to be weird but it was not weird at all instead it was really fun. Now I know everyone and LA is better than any school that I have went to. The lunch is also better at LA!