Girl’s Basketball Team

16427453_1585922881421081_6072058420517894754_nThe Laurens Academy Varsity Girl’s Basketball team is having a great year! The girls won twenty games so far, which is amazing. They only have two region losses.   They are ranked eighty-six in the state and that is really good for a small school like ours.

The team works well together and I think that is the reason why they win so many games.  They know the meaning of teamwork! Just like other teams, they can get mad at each other but, they always forgive each other and get the job done! I hope you can come cheer our Lady Crusaders on. The state tournament rounds begin February 17.


Report Cards

Image result for report cardsOn Monday, January 9th, report cards went home. This could have been a good day for some students but maybe not for all.  If your grades aren’t up to par, you still have a full semester left in the school year to pull your grades up. There are also tutoring opportunities available for students.  If you would like to take advantage of tutoring, all you need to do is ask for help.

There are several teachers and high school students that work after school with students if they are struggling in a particular subject.  So, don’t be discouraged if you didn’t bring home the grades you were expecting.  There is plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to bring your grades up!

Thanksgiving Food Traditions


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On Thanksgiving Day, my family enjoys eating turkey and play games. This is really fun to me because you get to be with my family that I love and always want to be with.

My favorite foods are corn, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I love this day because of all of all the different desserts and pies like pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. Another one of my favorite desserts is banana pudding! That is my all time favorite Thanksgiving dessert.

My Nana gets off of the computer about Thanksgiving for us to play. They are question games about Thanksgiving Day and who ever gets the most answers correct gets a random surprise. It is usually an amazing surprise.

After we eat, our family tradition is to watch movies, relax, and usually take a much needed nap. It is a great day.


Family Fun

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Family fun was one of the best things I have ever helped with at Laurens Academy. I never used a helium tank before so blowing up the balloons was a lot of fun for me. We blew up over 50 balloons in the office and had to put then in large trash bags to transport them to the field.

When I got to the field, I helped setup a game and also volunteered at the Duck Pond game. Kids chose a duck and if it had a black mark on it, they won a prize. The prizes at my station were mainly candy. Other stations had gum, cookies, and juice boxes.

There were two bouncy houses setup. One of the houses was just for jumping. The other one was a blow up maze that you ran through. There was a big turn out and all the kids had fun.

Football Injuries

The Laurens Academy football team has had a rough start due to injuries.  Ninth grader, Charlton McCall received a concussion during the Holly Hill game.  He helmet was knocked off during a kick off return.  His head hit hard on the ground.  It wasn’t until the second quarter that they realized the severity of his injury.  Charlton was later checked out with by medical personnel and has since been released to play again.

Our second injury was received by ninth grader Kenny Langston.  During the Wardlaw game, Kenny took a bad hit and also received a concussion.  He too has recovered and been cleared to play again. Both Charlton and Kenny were very lucky that their concussions weren’t any worse.

Finally, senior Jonathan Burns had a facial injury.  His chin strap caused a laceration which became infected. This made it impossible for him to wear a helmet.  After medication, that has cleared up.

We are happy that out team is all healed up and we are ready to play some ball!