LA Auction

Every year our school has an auction where the classes put together baskets, and people make things that can be auctioned off. Most of the items are sold at a silent auction, where people walk around and write down their bids on pieces of paper. Near the end, a live auction starts where an auctioneer shouts out dollar amounts and people who want to bet raise their hand for that amount.

Last year it was held at the Laurens Exchange Building, but this year it will be back at the school. The baskets vary by class. There is a BBQ basket, Clemson basket, Carolina basket, and many others. Usually the adults walk around and place their bids while the kids just eat, run around and play. A few years ago, the theme was Duck Dynasty, a popular TV show about a family that lives in Alabama. There was a scavenger hunt, and when you completed it, you got a free strawberry smoothie, which was pretty good. If you are not doing anything on Saturday, April 29th, stop by our school at 6:00 to join in on the auction action.


Maria Navarro Wins Photo Contest

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One of our exchange students, Maria Navarro from Spain, recently won a youth photo contest. Contestants had the choice to take a picture of a barn or a butterfly, or were able to do both if they wanted to. The first-place prize was $100. The prizes were awarded at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church and sponsored by LCSWCD. There were four categories: Barns youth, butterflies/moths youth, barns adult, and butterflies/moths adult. When asked for what inspired the photo, she said that her host mom (Judith Brown) was bugging her to go outside and take some pictures. She had heard of the photo contest, but wasn’t sure of herself joining in though. But when she saw the butterfly on the flower, she decided to take a picture of it. When Maria heard that the youth photo contest was centered on butterflies, she sent it in.


President’s Day

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President’s Day is the celebration of our nation’s leaders and also of our first president, George Washington’s birthday. It is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February, this year it is February 20th. Even though George was born on the 22nd, the date can fall on the 15th through the 21st. The holiday is also a state holiday in most states, and is called Washington’s Day, President’s Day, or Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday depending on the state or region. Most schools recognize this as a holiday and a lot of schools will not have classes that day. Honestly, I enjoy President’s Day because it’s a break from the stress of school.

Basketball Manager

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When Coach Plowden approached myself about being the manager for the basketball team, I wasn’t very sure about it. I knew I would have to go to the practices and keep track of player stats during the game, and also dress up in a suit and tie for the games.

On the first practice, I just learned how to use the game clock and kept track of points when they did drills and games. So far it’s been a lot of fun and I make sure to do homework during practice when I’m not needed to keep stats. I’m glad I took this job. I haven’t minded the late games and practices. Dressing up hasn’t been that bad either.


The First Game

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On Monday, November 24 we had our first real game against Greenwood Christian. The game was originally supposed to be at Greenwood, but their gym was being renovated so it had to be held at our school.

When the game started, it started out pretty well. We had the lead, and we were shooting and defending well. We could see that Greenwood Christian was getting tired pretty early in the game, so they were sending out subs pretty often.

In the second half, their starters were back out. We still had the lead, and it was growing. We put out some of the freshmen, and they started doing pretty well. We made some threes, and some inside shots and eventually won the game, 44-41



I-House Halloween Party

14915618_10207559146796283_5940544103374551991_nTwo of our exchange students, James and Henry, both had birthdays close to Halloween, so, I-house parents, Mike and Bethany Collins decided to have a costume party at the I-house. My costume idea was to be a hazard, but the costume was a work in progress, so it really didn’t work. There was a lot more people there, and some really clever costumes. Someone was an inflatable Mr. Puff costume from Ghostbusters, an inflatable cowboy on a horse, and some other funny ones.

There were snacks, and drinks. They had a small room with a foosball table and a Ping-Pong table, and that room was absolute chaos. Some of the smaller kids were throwing the Ping-Pong balls at each other, and were fighting with the paddles. It finally calmed down, and I beat Jonathan Burns in foosball. He forfeited after I scored five points on him. It was a very fun night.


5th Grade Dress-up

5th grade will be having a character day and will be dressing up as famous Americans. It will be held in their classroom, and they will be giving presentations about their characters. Some examples of famous Americans that they may be dressing up as are George Washington, our first President, Benjamin Franklin, famous inventor and discoverer of electricity, Rosa Parks, the black woman who refused to give up her seat in the bus, Albert Einstein, discoverer and inventor of the atomic bomb, Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, and Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the Civil Rights Movement. The people they will be dressing up as and talking about are people that have done many things that have changed this country or the world. I’m sure there will be some interesting costumes and speeches from that class.

Sporting Clays

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In a couple weeks, the Laurens Academy Sporting  Clay Team shooting starts. That is where you shoot at a clay disc or bird with a shotgun and try to shatter it with one shot. They introduced it last year for high school, but this year we are including middle-school in it.

Practice will be held at The Clinton House. Guns can be found/bought at stores like Cabela’s, or the local Humdinger store on the Square. Some types of shotgun are break action, semi-automatic, lever-action, pump-action, and some others. The most famous ones are pump-action and break-action. Some say this is an expensive sport, but I would recommend it.

Squealin’ On The Square


In our little town of Laurens, SC, we look forward to our annual fall festival called Squealin’ On The Square. This year, it will be held September 30th through October 1st. Squealin’ On The Square has become a highly popular barbeque competition with highly-skilled barbeque cooks all along the southeast. BBQ sales begin Friday at noon. You can purchase “Que-pons” at one of the many booths set up by Main Street Laurens.
Even if BBQ isn’t your taste, there are many other things to enjoy. There are contests like pickle-eating, hog-calling, and spicy wing-eating contests.
There are lots of fun for the kids to enjoy such as inflatables,  petting zoo, horse rides, and crafts. So if you are free this weekend, come check out our tasty tradition.

Progress Reports

Last week, we received the fear-infusing progress reports.  Everyone yearns to know what their grades are, and hope they’re not bad. The days before they come out, everyone tried their best to raise their grades if they thought they were low. Nobody wants a C or below on their reports.

They came out in emails to parents and students. Hopefully yours wasn’t that bad.  If so, you still have half of the nine weeks to pull your grade up before report cards come out.

Many students do not realize that there are tutoring opportunities around the school.  There are teachers that offer tutoring sessions and also upper school students that tutor.  If you are having trouble in a subject, you can ask your teacher for tutoring recommendations.