Exam week starts for Laurens Academy on Tuesday the 24th through Thursday the  26th. The Monday before exams start, we will have a review day in class. The first exam  will begin at 8 o’clock every morning and the second will begin at 10 o’clock every morning. In between exams students are given time to study in the gym. Students with an A average in every class can exempt which means they do not have to take the exam unless they want to bump up their grade by taking it and doing well on it. If you have more than 10 absences you can not exempt.


Fifth Graders go to Charleston

The fifth grade class of went to Charleston for an educational field trip. They went April 18th through the 20th and toured many historical landmarks including: the H.L. Hunley, Middleton Place, and many other plantations. They got to go to the South Carolina Aquarium and visit the sea turtle hospital. They didn’t  just walk around and see a bunch of historical things, but they also got to go to Bubba Gumps to eat supper and enjoyed a Ghost tour around downtown Charleston. I hope they had a great time and I wish I could go back with my class to Charleston.

Google Docs

Google Docs was started by a family of Web-based applications that include: word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, form creations, and cloud storage. It was launched in 2006 and it makes things much easier for people to type papers or make power point presentations without having the same computer desktop. Mrs. Davenport, my computer and Web Apps teacher,and many other teachers love the website because it is so accessible to students because we are able to log onto the website at home without using a flash drive or a specific computer. It is also great for businesses to use for presentations and meetings.

Easter Traditions

Many families’ have something special they do on Easter Sunday. My family tradition takes place at my grandmother’s house with all of my cousins. We start by setting the table and preparing the food and then we gather around to pray and sing the doxology. Then we eat a bunch of food until it is time to eat dessert. When everyone is full and ready to take pictures we head outside with all the little cousins and animals. After we take pictures we hang around at my grandma’s to chat and play games. I hoped everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday. He is risen!

Good Friday

Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday, is more than just a day we get off of school but it is also the day Jesus was crucified which leads to his resurrection on Easter Sunday. We also remember his crucifixion and resurrection through the Lord’s Supper which we partake of bread and wine to symbolize his flesh and blood sacrificed on the cross for our sins. I think this day is very important for Christians because we need to remember what Jesus did for us in order to be forgiven and it also helps us remember how awesome our God is.

Laurens Academy Athletes Receive Prestigous Football Awards


Josh Urwick and Ryan Holmes received awards at the High School Sports Report All-State Football Team Banquet. They received these awards after playing in the North- South All Star Game. Their hard work and dedication to the team all season caused coaches to recognize them and they were selected to play in the North-South Game. In the season Ryan led the offense at the quarterback position with Josh as his favorite receiver. They connected on multiple occasions resulting in many touch downs. These two seniors have played huge roles on the field and this is a great way to end their Laurens Academy football careers.

Ryan Anderson Named Winner of the O. Davenport Award

DSC_0787 copy

On January 29, 2016, Ryan Anderson was named the winner of the Cecil O. Davenport Award. The award is named in honor of the late Chamber of Commerce Executive Cecil O. Davenport and has been presented to students since 1996. This reward is given to a tenth grade student in Laurens County for demonstrating good citizenship. The winner is chosen based on an essay that describes being a good citizen, community involvement, and faculty recommendation. He was competing alongside twelve others including Wil Tindal who is also a student at Laurens Academy. The Laurens Academy family is very proud of Ryan and his distinguished accomplishment.

New Art Creations

Summer Days  Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe  Style: Precisionism  Genre: landscape:

In the 9th grade art class, we are learning more about Georgia O’Keeffe and all of her different art styles. Before Christmas break we took a trip to her museum in Columbia, South Carolina to get a better idea of what she enjoyed drawing\painting and why she would create these art pieces. In class we are drawing flowers and skulls because that is one of her many ideas that she has used many times. We have also learned more about how she uses primary colors along with secondary colors and how she gets certain textures on her paper. I have enjoyed learning more about her and all of her interesting art techniques.


Girl Basketball Teams Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

On November 25th, the middle school and varsity girl’s basketball teams went to the soup kitchen. When we arrived at the soup kitchen we went inside and lined up at different stations to make big plates of food. It was such a fun environment to be around and we all enjoyed serving others. We shipped out over two thousand plates of food for people all over the county so they could enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner as well. After the soup kitchen, everyone headed over to House of Pizza to spend time together and talk about what we are thankful for.


9th Grade Volcano Project

Over the past two weeks, the ninth grade class have been working on building volcanoes for physical science class. We have been learning about chemical reactions and how they are caused. We picked our own partners/groups to work in and we started to work on them. I was partnered with Ruthie Moore and we decided to make a cute baby volcano with a tropical scene. On Friday the 13th we presented our volcanoes and had a competition on which one was the best looking, most creative, most scientific, and best explosion. Ruthie and I won most creative, Morgan Marlett and Hannah Stribling won most scientific, and Julia Kerber and Anna Murphy won most explosive. We all enjoyed building our volcanoes and were excited to see how everyone’s would turn out.

Basketball Conditioning

Everyone that will be participating on the basketball team has been so excited for the season to start. Our team has 12 including the two 8th graders you get 14. Last Thursday on October 22nd the varsity girls’ basketball team started conditioning. Mr. Tracy Douglas, a trainer from the YMCA, did some of our conditioning days with one of his own workouts along with our coach, Jason Marlett. Even though the team has only done one conditioning session, it still seems like a hard workout to do. Its hard but we are all glad to put in the work for our team and upcoming basketball season.

Courtney Express

On Saturday, October 24 at 8:30 many people from Laurens Academy and around the county will be running in the 6th annual “Run Like a Mann” 5k for the Courtney Express. For those that may not know, Mrs. Robertson was a dearly loved teacher that passed away from breast cancer last year. This 5k helps raise money and bring awareness to cancer. If you would like to join the Courtney Express and participate in the walk/run, please contact Mrs. Stribling. The cost is $15 and forms are available in the LA office. This fee includes a “Run Like a Mann” t-shirt. Courtney Express t-shirts are also available for sale for those that are unable to participate at the cost is $10.

See You At The Pole

Every year at Laurens Academy, along with some other schools, we gather around the flag pole and pray. It started in 1990 when a group of kids were praying around the flag pole. Other people saw them doing this and it spread around from school to school. We meet around 7:30 a.m. and go around in a circle to pray for our students, staff, teachers, our country, and any prayer requests. Some schools are able to pray and some are not. Our school is very thankful we are able to have prayer and be a Christian school. We take advantage of our ability to pray and thank the Lord for giving this school to us.

9th grade art

Currently at Laurens Academy we are drawing a different version of “Gothic America”. In our pictures we will have self portraits and other people from singers, to dancers, to our best friends along side of us. We are working on using different textures, lines, emotions, and getting the feel for different pictures. We started in class learning how to get the different shadows and textures of ourselves. The next class we watched an interesting video on the painting “Gothic America” and got a feel for the setting of the picture. Then we worked on our own self portraits to practice for our original “Gothic America” replica. I am excited to finish and excited to see how our class portraits turn out.