Baseball Playoffs

The baseball playoffs have started and the varsity boys made it. Throughout the playoffs they have made some changes in who is playing and the batting lineup. To move to the next round you have to beat the other team twice. In the first round we beat the other team in two straight games without them scoring. The second round we played was against North Side we also beat them in two straight games but they were a little closer. Then the third round we played Colleton Prep but it took us three games to beat them. Now we are playing in the state tournament game. We are tied one-game each and will play the deciding game Monday, May 23rd at Hammond School in Columbia @ 6:00.


Our Science Project

Ninth grade had a science project due last Wednesday. We had to create a solar oven. The class was divided into groups of four. Our solar oven did not have to cook something, it just had to make the temperature rise in the box. For my project I cut a slit in the top of a shoe box to where that slit could move up and down. Then I put tin foil over that slit. I taped Saran Wrap over the bottom part of the shoe box so that I could open it to put black paper in the bottom. Our science project was very educational.

Bean Boozled Results

The bean boozled game is a game that contains good and bad jelly beans. You spin a spinner and the spinner lands on a color. Each color has two different flavors. One of those flavors is good and the other is bad. There are ten different colors and 20 different flavors. One example of this, the good flavor is peach and the bad flavor is barf. We played the game this morning at school. The main two people that went were Coach Plowden and Miss Harmon. In one round they got lime or lawn clippings, and miss Harmon had lawn clippings. The game was great.

Atalnta Trip

On Thursday, March 31st our high school is going to Atlanta. We are trying something new by going to a much closer place. On our trip we will visit the Georgia Aquarium, CNN center, Turner Field Tour, Stone Mountain, and Six Flags. The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States. CNN is a news broadcasting station in Atlanta. Turner Field is where the Braves play. Stone Mountain and Six Flags are very fun amusement parks. I can’t wait to go.

Slingshot Results

DSC_0066Our class had to build slingshots for a project in science. There were three categories for our slingshot. One was to see who could go the furthest. Hannah Stribling and Morgan Marlett won the competition. Another competition was to see who had the most accurate slingshot. There was a  tie for the win. It was between Dawson Foster’s team and Noah Moore’s team. Dawson’s team hit closer to the middle but Noah’s team hit the target more times. The other competition was to see who had the best looking slingshot. Ms. Lockman has not determined the winner yet. Our project was great.

Science Projects


Ninth graders have a science project due next Thursday. We have to make a slingshot that is less than a meter high, a meter long, and a meter wide. The class was divided into groups of 2-4. Itty and I are on a team together. Our slingshot is going to be as big as it can, and be in the shape of a y. There are three competitions. One of the competitions is to see whose egg can go the farthest. Another competition is who has the most accurate slingshot. And the last competition is which slingshot is the best looking. I can’t wait to win.

Cross Country Team

Laurens Academy has not had a cross country team in several years. Our science teacher thought it would be good idea to start one. Mrs. Lockman is the girl’s coach but they haven’t found a boy’s coach yet. She said during the summer we would probably practice Monday to Friday at about 8 in the morning. She is trying to plan several fun field trips. We will have a race about once a week. We are going to have great team uniforms. Next year’s cross country team is going to be fun.

Can Food Drive


During the week of November 23 through November 27 the school collected can goods. This was a Clemson and Carolina challenge. Students brought in canned goods and chose to place them in the Clemson or Carolina box. Whichever team had more cans in their pile won. This year we collected over 500 cans. The cans were given to food banks in Laurens. Carolina fans brought in more items making them the challenge winners. This was a great way to support our community!

Brochure Project

In World Geography, Mrs. Codington gave us an assignment  to make a brochure about a city. She told us we had to three fold a sheet and put our information on it. My city was Denver, Colorado. Denver has seven professional sports teams. Denver is known as the mile high city because it is a mile above sea level.  It has one big river that runs through the heart of Denver. There are many stadiums because there are many sports teams. Denver is home to at least 100 elementary schools. I think that this project was very educational. This project was great.

First Home Game


August 28, 2015 was LA’s first home football game. The Laurens Academy varsity football team played Faith Christian. They lost 76 to 50. Josh Urwick and Nate Martin both had multiple touch downs. Ryan Holmes had lots of yards, both throwing and running. Before the game we said the prayer and pledge. Afterwards, everyone released balloons in honor of Caleb Greene. The players put CG stickers on the back of their helmets. The Cheerleaders put CG stickers on their bows. Instead of having a twenty yard line we put a twenty-one yard line because that was Caleb’s football number. Even though they lost they still saw improvement.