Spring Break

Spring Break is fast approaching and the whole school is very excited for the upcoming and much needed break. This year Spring Break is April 3rd-7th. Many families use this break as an early family vacation and others use this to just relax and have fun at home. One of my classmates and their family are going to the mountains to enjoy the break. We are all very excited to have a whole week free form tests and homework. Spring Break is a way to unwind and come back to school strong to finish the school year off.  I can hardly wait for this spring vacation! I hope everyone has a safe and fun break!


St. Patrick’s Day

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There is so much history and heritage celebrated on the holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day. The parades and the wearing of green is to remember Saint Patrick and the beginning of Christianity in Ireland.

It was first made a holiday in the seventeenth century and is now celebrated all over Europe and North America. Chicago celebrates big with a parade and forty-five pounds of green vegetable dye that they will dye the Chicago River to commemorate Saint Patrick on his death date.

Many people wonder why we do in fact pinch people who do not wear green; the answer is found in Irish folklore. People once thought wearing green would make you invisible to pinching leprechauns and fairy creatures, so people started pinching non-green wearers to remind them of the sneaky leprechauns! The day of green and Irish heritage is celebrated on the seventeenth of March and is fast approaching. I hope everyone has a great Saint Patrick’s Day!


Daylight Savings

Sunday March 12 daylight saving time officially starts!  While losing an hour of sleep is always an upsetting thought gaining extra hours of day light makes up for it. Sunrise and sunset are earlier; for some reason going to school is easier when there is already light out. It makes everything seem better. Students love it and see it as it gets closer to spring and summer break! Students seem to go from dragging to get the school year done to being so much happier and energetic. I love the long evenings that comes with daylight savings. Laurens Academy is happy for the upcoming time change!

Field Trip To The Greatest Show On Earth

Last week Laurens Academy’s first and second graders went to the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Our school has made the circus an annual trip and has been attending for twelve years. The news of being this their last circus was very sad, but made them enjoy the show even more!  Before the circus started the classes were able to go down in the arena and meet the clowns.  The circus added new things to the show such as the BMX bicycle tricks and the camels.  The camels were to replace the elephants that the company gave to an estate in Florida last May.  The show lasted for about two hours and kids bought popcorn during it. The two grades had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it. We are very sad for the circus to be closing, but very thankful we got to see on of the last shows!

SCISA Regional Spelling Bee

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Our school will be hosting the annual SCISA Regional Spelling Bee on January 25th. Nine school will be competing all trying to go the State Competition. The State Competition will be at Williamsburg Academy on the fifteenth of February. The grades participating from Laurens Academy are third through eighth. The students representing Laurens Academy are third graders Braydon Burke and Page Codington, fourth graders Tristan Bates and Caleb Howard, fifth graders Stuti Patel and Emily Suttles, sixth graders Connor Breen and Savannah Hindman, seventh graders Ivy Codington and Callie Mayerholtz, eighth graders Lorian Easler and Julia Marlett. Our very own English teacher, Mrs. Finely, will be the pronouncer. Mrs. Finely has done this for the past couple of spelling bees. Each grade has a mini spelling bee that decides which two students can compete. Our school is very excited to host the SCISA Regional Spelling Bee this year. Wishing every student good luck!

Laurens Academy Elementary Concert

Image result for christmas cookies fireplace santa man]Christmas is just around the corner and to get in the Christmas spirit Laurens Academy held their annual Elementary Christmas Concert.  It was  on Monday, December 5th 7:00 pm in the Laurens Academy gym.

Students wore their Christmas attire. There were so many adorable little girls with their pretty Christmas dresses and some very sharp dressed little boys. It was a wonderful show and filled our school with joy!

After the performance there was milk and cookies for everyone.  The show was very “sweet”.  I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!

Fall Break

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Thanksgiving break is coming up soon.  It is November 21st through the 25th.  Laurens Academy students welcome the long break and are super excited!  Some students will be traveling this Thanksgiving.  Students will be traveling from Florida all the way to Utah.  Families will enjoy eating some southern home cooked food and  being around relatives.

A fun idea that Mrs. Davenport, the computer teacher at Laurens Academy, did to decorate for thanksgiving and to remind her family what they are thankful for; she printed out a bare paper tree and put it on her refrigerator.  She then gave each of her family member a paper leaf to write what they are thankful on it. They then decorated the bare tree with there leaves.

To kick off Thanksgiving break on November sixteenth our school will have our annual Thanksgiving meal. In years past, the meals consisted of turkey, macaroni, green beans, apple pie, and dressing.  We are excited for the upcoming holiday!



Last week was Homecoming at Laurens Academy.  At the end of school on Friday we had a pep-rally and a fun game to cheer on our Crusaders!  At every pep-rally we have a game for several students to participate in and for the whole school to watch.  This particular pep-rally was extra special and hilarious.

The four senior football players along with the homecoming court were called down. They gave each team two minutes to put makeup and dresses on the football players.  Jonathan Burns was team one with the senior homecoming court to beautify him.  Jack Kerber had the junior homecoming court.  Will Price had the sophomore and  Jack Kobe, one of our international students, had the freshmen.

Once the football players were ready they went to the back of the gym to wait before they walked to the middle of the gym doing their best catwalk.  Will Price put on a great show for the student body that ensured him the win.  It was a great game to finish sprit week and was super fun and interesting to watch.

Humane Society Club at LA

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This year at Laurens Academy Terry Brown, a senior at Laurens Academy, and with the help of Emily Plowden, the sponsor, have created a humane society club to help the Laurens Humane Society. This is a volunteer club for people to realize how important it is to help and take care of animals.

The goal for this club to learn more about animals and the responsibility to own one. The students will be learning responsibility and helping the community at the same time. Volunteers help clean, walk, feed, and water the animals there.  You have to be fifteen to join. It is a great way to meet new people, have fun with animals, and even learn new things about animals.

Junior Leadership

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Junior leadership is an origination that some of our high school students at Laurens Academy are a part of.  The students are Ryan Anderson, Joshua Moore, Wil Tindall, Braden Brewington, Terry Brown, Madisen Faulkner, Tori Garrett, Anna Mitchum, Carmen McGee, and Sara Spoone.

Last Friday the students got to attend Camp Fellowship as a part of it.  The retreat was at Lake Greenwood and they did many fun activities. To begin the day they played disc golf and gaga ball.  On the more educational side they played a matching game to try and match foreign business and their companies products and  went against other teams who could finish a puzzle faster. After all the games they had a meeting concerning a community project they will do next year.  The students then ate lunch and did a relay race with boats they made out of cardboard. This is a wonderful program and helps students become a strong leader.

Our International Student


Last year our family was fortunate enough to host an international student. His American name was Ben and he was from Taiwan. We learned so much from him and I hope he learned from us as well.

This summer he invited my brother, Jonathan Burns a senior at Laurens Academy, to come back with him and to visit Taiwan. Jonathan stayed for two weeks with Ben’s family and visited many popular sites in Taiwan.

Ben’s family was so nice and welcoming to my brother. It was a great experience for Jonathan and for our family even if we did not actually go to a different country he brought his culture to our home. I’m so thankful for the opportunity we had and I hope our family can do it again!