The Flu

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This year the flu has been extremely bad! The flu is a contagious respiratory illness, which will affect the nose, throat, and lungs. It will also will cause severe body aches causing you to feel terrible. If it is not medicated for long enough and the symptoms are bad enough it has been known to cause death. To not be contagious you have to not have a fever within 24 hours.

There are ways to prevent the flu. You can get the flu shot, wash your hands, and stay away from those that are sick. I recently had the flu. It was terrible. When I got back to school I had a lot of make up work and tests I had to slowly catch up on. Try your hardest to prevent yourself from any causes of this illness.



We Need an Equestrian Group

We need an Equestrian Group at Laurens Academy! There are many riders in all different age groups that ride horses or want to ride horses. Some people play sports but some people don’t and want to be participating in some kind of group. Everyone usually wants to be involved in some kind of an activity usually but not always basketball, volleyball or softball. Riding horses is a sport also and you can have a lot of success and it never ends. I am sure many students will participate if we ever got a group started.


President Of the USA

Image result for donald trump sworn in as presidentDonald Trump is now the President of the United States of America. It’s marking the four year term of Trump and was held in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2017. An estimated 160,000 people attended the public ceremony held on Friday. He is one of the oldest and wealthiest presidents inaugurated.

Trump’s Running Mate (VP), Mike Pence following, Melania, Trump’s wife, and his family joined, including his daughters Ivanka and Tiffany, and his sons Eric, Donald Jr., and Barron as he was sworn in. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural organized the event well. Trump’s campaign was to “Make America Great Again” so let’s all pray he does.



Water Bottle Challenge

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There is a new trend happening called the ” water bottle challenge.” This involves someone having a plastic bottle weighted with some water. The goal of the challenge is when you flip the bottle for it to land on its bottom.

This challenge was invented when an eighteen year old, Mike Senatore, from Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. His bottle flipping  in the local talent show launched him into worldwide fame. Now he is know locally as the “water-bottle flipping kid.”

When Mike’s video was posted on social media and YouTube, it instantly received millions of views and comments. Then everyone tried to figure out what the secret was to make the water bottle land. What you have to do is put the perfect amount of water in the bottle for it to land perfectly. Now it is one of the most popular challenges across the United States.


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Black Friday was crazy! People were lined out the doors, you could not find parking spaces, and the cash registers were constantly having to go to the back to get more money.

The line to check out were up to an hour or two long. Everyone was trying to find good deals, but to me it’s really not all its panned out to be. It was not worth it. To me, the deals were not that great on the things that I was looking for. It took from eight o’clock Thursday to four A.M Friday morning to get to three stores. Traffic was backed up the whole way home. Instead of getting out of bed next black Friday I will be shopping online for Cyber Monday in my pjs.


James’ Birthday Party

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James, one of Laurens Academy’s international students had a birthday on October 31st. He was 15 years old! To do something special, the ninth grade surprised him with a birthday party. Mrs. Davenport had a Halloween/ surprise birthday party for James during Computer class. Since we couldn’t have food or drink in the computer lab, we went into the art room.

It was all a surprise to James all the way until Mrs. Davenport put 15 candles in a single cupcake and lit them. James’ face lit up as bright as the candles when he realized it was for him. We all began to sing happy birthday to him. He was so excited that he videoed it himself! I think he really enjoyed himself and his first birthday in America.



Middle School Volleyball

On the weekend of October 15, 2016 Laurens Academy’s middle school volleyball team had their last tournament. Sadly, they lost both games, but they had some pretty tough competition! They played great, worked together wonderfully, and helped one another. Team spirit and effort is the number one key to success. Almost all of the girls got a chance to play which was good because they all got rotated in to the game. Court time will make each player more successful as they are learning. This was a great year for the team being coached by Lisa Suttles and Heather Sherman. I am sure the players learned a lot from these coaches and will have an even better year next year!

Web Apps

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Web Apps is short for Web Applications. This is a computer class here at Laurens Academy that 9th grade attends. We focus on writing blogs. It helps strengthen our writing skills. We write for two different blogs.

One is a personal blog we do through Weebly.  This can be anything we choose from sports to cooking.  Each class period, we have to write an article.  There are some creative writers in my class and their blogs are very interesting.

The other blog we write for is Crusader Connection. We write bi-weekly articles about what is going on around the school or our community.

Mrs. Davenport is our all around computer teacher at Laurens Academy and does a great job teaching us!




Laurens Academy Clubs:


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At Laurens Academy there are several after school clubs offered to elementary students. We offer Lego Club, Cooking Club, Arts and Crafts, and Game Club.

Naturally in the Lego Club you work with Legos in creating a project.  The Cooking Club is a great way to learn the basics of cooking.  The Game Club is for anyone that loves the gaming or anything to do with games. Arts and Crafts is for the crafty people or the people who want to become crafty and participate here at Laurens Academy. There is always something to do at Laurens Academy.