All-State Game


At the end of the Basketball State and Region games, all the coaches get together and decide who will be invited to play in the All-Star game. On March 4th the All-Star game was held at Wilson Hall gym.The athletes in the game were picked by the coaches in their devision.The players were divided up between the north and south region. The north team consisted of the junior Taylor Campbell, sophomore Ruthie Moore and the freshmen Blair Quarles from Laurens Academy the coaches were the Curtis Baptist Coach Robert Leslie and Laurens Academy Coach Jason Marlett.

Throughout the game the coaches would sub evenly allowing each athlete playing time. Sadly, in the begging of the game a player from Curtis Baptist was on a fast break and fell and hurt her knee and at that time we weren’t doing so well. We were a couple of points behind but came back after halftime. At the end of the game we won.

Junior Joshua Moore participated in the All- Star boys team and they also won. Laurens Academy was representative well and hope to be there again next year.



Spring Pictures

Spring is almost here! Flowers are blooming and everything is starting to turn green again. Just like every school year this means the spring pictures are starting to come up. On March 28, all the moms that morning will be rushing to find their little daughters and sons an outfit for their pictures. Usually on spring pictures most girls and boys will wear a light color pants will a light colored shirt. Of course none of the girls want to match because they want to be the only one with their outfit on.  This is a great time for kids to wear their pretty Easter outfit to school and have a great picture taken!

Senior Night

Senior night was a success for both varsity basketball teams Friday night. We played our rivalry Newberry Academy on our home court. The night didn’t start off so well with the middle school. They had a rough night and didn’t make it to the division tournaments. The boys had a hard fight in overtime against the Eagles, but could not pull out the win.

Then the night got a better when the varsity girls won the jump ball to set on the tone of the game. The whole night the girls pushed for every jump ball, rebound and hustling down the court.

At the last 30 seconds in the fourth quarter Ruthie Moore made her 1,000 point with a 3 from an assist from Taylor Campbell. This is such an accomplishment for an athlete that is only a sophomore. The varsity girls overall score was 72-14.

 After the buzzer went off, the varsity girls’ and boys’ team lined up and watched Jack Kerber, Jack Kobe, Jonathan Burns, Will Price and Daniel Black line up and was recognized by their accomplishments as a senior. Then the boys’ game begun and all the seniors was in the first 5 starting line ups. At the end of the night the seniors took home a victory as their last time playing on their home court.



Halfway There

Image result for report cardsIt’s that time again where your parents are either happy or not happy about your grades . Yep, progress reports are being sent out February 8th. They use to be sent out by paper that you took home and got signed but now with our new Renweb system they are sent home by email to your parents.

This is a great way for you to keep track of your grades and make sure that you are on the right track. You also have to pay attention to your ARP points. You have to get a total of 100 by the end of the year. This is only the half way mark of the nine weeks so if you don’t have the grades you want, you still have the time to work on pulling them up. You also have plenty of time to get in your ARP points.

New Year’s Resolutions


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Well here we go again a New Year and New Year’s Resolutions. Each year you hear “I can’t wait to start a new year” and “everything will change” but the truth is most resolutions aren’t ever kept. Some people can’t even remember what their New Year’s Resolution was.

Some people take this as an opportunity and work hard to achieve their goals. The most popular resolution goals in 2017 include lose weight, join the gym, quit smoking and/or drinking, read more, study for tests, stay in God’s word more and work on their finances. If you made a New Year Resolution, I hope you can stick with it and see it through until the end of the year.


Team Giving Back


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On November 23rd the Laurens Academy middle school and varsity basketball team participated in the soup kitchen at Sanders Middle School. We severed turkey, dressing, green beans, macaroni and cheese, gravy, rice, cranberries, bread, and cakes.

This was a great opportunity to serve the community that we have grown up in. The people that we served seemed to enjoy us coming out to help the hard workers of the soup kitchen. Laurens High’s Varsity girls also helped us serve the less fortunate people who did not have a home to go to for Thanksgiving.

After we served, we prayed over the food then left at two o’clock.  It was a very eye opening experience and made me realize how fortunate I am. I hope to do the same next year.

Cross Country State Race’s Results



On September 29, the Laurens Academy Cross Country Team went to the State Championship at Heathwood Hall. The team had to arrive at the school at 7:30am. We traveled as a team to the race. Coach Kerber had the girls warm up and get ready about ten minutes before the gun. The girls ran in the 1A division and did very well. Ruthie Moore finished 6th and Blair Quarles finished 9th and both making the All-State team.

After the girls race, the boys lined up. The boys did well, but did not finish at the top. The girls team finished third while the boys team finished fifth. Overall it was a good day to be a Crusader and we look forward to starting the season next year, with Coach Kerber as the head coach.

Homecoming 2k16


This year’s homecoming at Laurens Academy was very eventful. Family Fun started at 5:30 which had cookie walk, blow-up houses and face painting.

As the time got later it was time for the kick off between Laurens Academy and  Richard Winn Academy. The first half the Crusaders wasn’t doing well but later in the game they improved. When the halftime buzzer went off the Jr.Cadets walked out onto the field and made  a small tunnel with balloons. For the homecoming court of 2016.

As the freshmen court was made of Blair Quarles, Katelyn Suttles and Reagan Williamson all being escorted my their fathers. Next the sophomore’s entered. The sophomore court included Morgan Marlett, Lindsey Burroughs and Hannah Stribling.The Juniors Taylor Campbell, Haley Hughes and  Maria Navarro made their way. Finally, our senior court was Anna Mitchum, Ashley Doolittle , Braden Brewington and Sara Spoon.

You could feel the excitement as they announced the Homecoming Princesses which were Katelyn Suttles, Morgan Marlett , Taylor Campbell and Ashley Doolittle. At last, they called out the Homecoming Queen which was Anna Mitchum.

The Mid-East Hare Scramble

September 17th and 18th, Wayne Strange hosted the Mid-East Hare Scramble. The Mid-East Hare Scramble is an organization that races motorcycles and dirt bikes in a 10 mile circuit through woods and mud. This is a competitive sport that they track your time when you go through the course.

They are three different age groups that compete. The peewee, who run one small lap. The youth riders which race for thirty miles which is three laps and finally pros that race fifty miles which takes about an hour and a half. When you pass the finish line they scan your badge on your helmet that tells you your time and place.

We have a student here at Laurens Academy that participates in this sport. Ethan Shultz competed in the 11-15 age group and did very well coming in second in the race. Laurens Academy should be very proud to have a student that participates in such a tough sport and place very high in it.


LA Proud to Introduce Cross Country

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On September 13, Laurens Academy participated in their first cross country meet at Greenwood Christian. There were many teams that participated in the meet such as Ware Shoals, Greenwood Christian, Cambridge Academy, and Anderson Montessori. We were very successful in our meet.

In the boys category Scott Anderson got 7th running at 23:47 and Andrew Codington with 11th running at 28:41. Sadly, our other boys weren’t able to participate this meet due to football practice so we were not able to win in the boys division over all.

The girls  placed very well.  Julia Kerber placed 11th running a 28:38. Sarah Traxler placed 17th with a 33:48 , Morgan Marlett placed 18th running a 34:17 , Laura Minarro placed 21st running a 38:19, Lindsey Burrows placed 22nd with a 43:18 and Blair Quarles placed 3rd running a 25:47. Coach Kerber did a great job training her team for this track meet and we are very excited for our other upcoming meets.