3rd Grade Field Trip

On May 8th, Mrs. Harmon’s 3rd grade class visited the South Carolina State Museum. Allan Murphy drove the small bus for the kids. They had a guided tour throughout the day. They toured all about South Carolina’s history, the Roman exhibit, toured about sharks and were able to see the 4d models of sharks. One neat thing the students were able to do was go into a 4d theater. Lastly they toured all about astronauts. after the tour, they had lunch at the museum and then came home.




Barrier Island

From April 18th-20th, the 4th grade went on a field trip to Barrier Island. There were 6 chaperons were: Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Suttles, Mrs. Huck, Mrs. Manning for the girls, and Mr. Nate for the boys. On the first day they swam in mud pits and that night they danced and told stories around the campfire. The next day, they went big net fishing, went on a boat ride, went to a reptile class, and then that night, played games. On the last day, the students and chaperones went crabbing and went on  a hike in the maritime forest.



Science Project

Last Friday we had a little project in Physical Science. The assignment was to make a homemade instrument. That week we were studying about sound waves and how music goes with science. When we presented our instruments we had to explain what it did and if it was a woodwind, brass, stringed, wind, or percussion. People made maracas, drums, and flutes. Ms. Lockman even showed us her shell where when she blew into it, it had different sounds. Ms. Lockman also wanted us to try to make different pitches and sounds with our instruments. At the end of the class we all tried to do a class song together.




Pollen Season

It’s that dreadful time of year and the bad part of spring. It’s pollen season. Pollen is a yellowish flower that spreads easily from plant to plant by the wind. A lot of people have been affected by the pollen allergy this spring. The symptoms are usually sneezing, Nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, and stuffy nose. Pollen allergy can also affect with people with asthma with coughing and wheezing. One way to help survive allergy season is to get a shot to help get rid of the allergy. It can usually last from a week to sometimes a month.




Mr. Kirk Going To China


Laurens Academy’s own headmaster, Todd Kirk, will be heading to China this week. This is an annual tradition to promote Laurens Academy and our International Program. Mr. Kirk will be leaving this week and staying there for seven to ten days. While he is there he will be promoting our school at festivals and conventions. His goal is the show what a education we have to offer for International kids and spread the word about Laurens Academy.



Film Crew


With the continuous growth of our International Program, Friday at Laurens Academy a film crew came to create a film about the international kids and the international lifestyle here at the school. Later that day they went to the library and interviewed them. They talked about teachers, students, and if they are having a great experience here. They questioned the international students about the differences between their home and Laurens Academy. The film crew then went to the international house. They filmed their routine and what the kids would do after they get home from school. The film will include them playing, cooking, doing their homework together and studying.


Clemson Carolina Game

clemsonMany fans at Laurens Academy were excited for rivalry week when Clemson played South Carolina on November 28. During the first quarter neither team scored, but during the second quarter Clemson scored two touch downs. South Carolina’s only first half points came on Elliott Fry’s 21-yard field goal in the final seconds to cut the lead to 14-3. In the third quarter Clemson scored 14 and South Carolina answered 14 of their own. In the 4th South Carolina outscored Clemson 15 to 9. The game ended with Clemson with 37 points and the Gamecocks with 32. The Tigers moved up to 11-0 while the Gamecocks dropped to 3-9.




Cheer Competition


This year for the first time at Laurens Academy, we have a competitive cheer team. The cheer squad includes: Senior Cassidy Crowder, Juniors Tori Garrett, Carmen Mcgee, Terry Brown, and Ashley Doolittle. The sophomores are Sarabeth McCall, and Ashley Magda. The freshmen are Kerington Armstrong and Lindsey Burroughs. The cheer squad is coached by Coach Adrienne Urwick. The first cheer competition was held at Newberry College, where we brought home the first place trophy! The latest competition was held at USC Aiken, where we brought the second place victory.

Sporting Clay’s

This year Laurens Academy is starting a shooting team. Practice is held at the Clinton House. The season goes from November to the beginning of April. The six meets are around the state. So far around 11 people are interested in competing in the sport. The head coach is Steve Berry. The team will include 9th through 12th grade girls and boys who are interested in shooting. Everyone must have complete a hunter education safety course. Coach Steve Berry is planning a safety  course to give to team members at the school.

Squealin’ On the Square

The 15th Squealin’ turned out to be a  “washed out” event. Vendors and barbecue winner hopefuls began setting up early  Friday morning as the event attempted to stay on schedule. Moderate crowds came downtown Friday evening during on and off periods of rain, however Saturday morning the steady rain had set in and particular events began to get cancelled. Some craft vendors were invited in a dry spot and were able to set up in Laurens Museum. Planners for Main Street Laurens along with other sponsors of the event are looking ahead to next year and brighter skies.

Grandparent’s Day Pep Rally

Sara - GD Pep Rally (39)

On September 18th, Laurens Academy had a Grandparent’s Day which included a pep rally. The cheerleaders did a Jail House Rock dance, a dance with the Junior cadets, and the cheerleaders did cheers such as Go Fight Win, and Beat the Raiders. The biggest part of the pep rally was when students and their grandparents played Family Feud. There were questions like what are students favorite subjects at LA and what is one thing parents tell you not to waste. The pep rally ended with the Spirit Football going to the 4th graders.

Francesaca Joins The Volleyball Team


This year on the varsity volleyball team we have a German exchange student named Francesca. She said it’s much different because there’s not as much support in Germany as there is here. When Francesca was in Germany she said she only played volleyball for fun and didn’t compete. During her first practice, she learned how to block and pass. During the first game she played she said she was impressed how fast the game is and how it’s much more professional than it is in Germany. Francesca also said she likes the way we all play and likes the way coach Kim coaches.