Buddy Class

Laurens Academy has a great tradition called Buddy Class. The way buddy classes work is that we meet several times a year to make crafts for events such as Grandparents Day, holidays, and Buddy Boutique at our annual auction. Each class has a younger class is paired up with an upper class.  This year’s Buddy Classes are:

  • K4 + 7th grade
  • K5 + 11th grade
  • 1st + 6th grade
  • 2nd + 9th grade
  • 3rd + 12th grade
  • 4th + 8th grade
  • 5th + 10th grade

It is fun to have buddy class because you get to make things with the kids and you see how creative the children are. The kids have very creative minds and they put effort into each thing we do. It is also a great way for the younger students to get to know the older students. Nothing will put a smile on your face when you see your younger buddy around school and they give you a high-five!