All-State Game


At the end of the Basketball State and Region games, all the coaches get together and decide who will be invited to play in the All-Star game. On March 4th the All-Star game was held at Wilson Hall gym.The athletes in the game were picked by the coaches in their devision.The players were divided up between the north and south region. The north team consisted of the junior Taylor Campbell, sophomore Ruthie Moore and the freshmen Blair Quarles from Laurens Academy the coaches were the Curtis Baptist Coach Robert Leslie and Laurens Academy Coach Jason Marlett.

Throughout the game the coaches would sub evenly allowing each athlete playing time. Sadly, in the begging of the game a player from Curtis Baptist was on a fast break and fell and hurt her knee and at that time we weren’t doing so well. We were a couple of points behind but came back after halftime. At the end of the game we won.

Junior Joshua Moore participated in the All- Star boys team and they also won. Laurens Academy was representative well and hope to be there again next year.