St. Patrick’s Day

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There is so much history and heritage celebrated on the holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day. The parades and the wearing of green is to remember Saint Patrick and the beginning of Christianity in Ireland.

It was first made a holiday in the seventeenth century and is now celebrated all over Europe and North America. Chicago celebrates big with a parade and forty-five pounds of green vegetable dye that they will dye the Chicago River to commemorate Saint Patrick on his death date.

Many people wonder why we do in fact pinch people who do not wear green; the answer is found in Irish folklore. People once thought wearing green would make you invisible to pinching leprechauns and fairy creatures, so people started pinching non-green wearers to remind them of the sneaky leprechauns! The day of green and Irish heritage is celebrated on the seventeenth of March and is fast approaching. I hope everyone has a great Saint Patrick’s Day!