LA Auction

Every year our school has an auction where the classes put together baskets, and people make things that can be auctioned off. Most of the items are sold at a silent auction, where people walk around and write down their bids on pieces of paper. Near the end, a live auction starts where an auctioneer shouts out dollar amounts and people who want to bet raise their hand for that amount.

Last year it was held at the Laurens Exchange Building, but this year it will be back at the school. The baskets vary by class. There is a BBQ basket, Clemson basket, Carolina basket, and many others. Usually the adults walk around and place their bids while the kids just eat, run around and play. A few years ago, the theme was Duck Dynasty, a popular TV show about a family that lives in Alabama. There was a scavenger hunt, and when you completed it, you got a free strawberry smoothie, which was pretty good. If you are not doing anything on Saturday, April 29th, stop by our school at 6:00 to join in on the auction action.