High school prom

Here at Laurens Academy, the junior/senior prom is coming up soon. Proms have a long tradition, dating back to the eighteen hundreds. They were originally only held in colleges, but over the years they worked their way down and gained recognition in high schools. At first they were simple dances, but over the early to mid nineties they became more and more extravagant. The competitive nature of teens won over, and they fought to get the coolest ride, the prettiest dress, and the best looking partner. Schools only encouraged this, handing out the titles of prom queen and prom king. With all of this, proms have become very… prominent in a high schooler’s life. They continue on, determining students’ popularity and being an endless source of excitement and stress for teens worldwide.


Exam week starts for Laurens Academy on Tuesday the 24th through Thursday the  26th. The Monday before exams start, we will have a review day in class. The first exam  will begin at 8 o’clock every morning and the second will begin at 10 o’clock every morning. In between exams students are given time to study in the gym. Students with an A average in every class can exempt which means they do not have to take the exam unless they want to bump up their grade by taking it and doing well on it. If you have more than 10 absences you can not exempt.

3rd Grade Field Trip

On May 8th, Mrs. Harmon’s 3rd grade class visited the South Carolina State Museum. Allan Murphy drove the small bus for the kids. They had a guided tour throughout the day. They toured all about South Carolina’s history, the Roman exhibit, toured about sharks and were able to see the 4d models of sharks. One neat thing the students were able to do was go into a 4d theater. Lastly they toured all about astronauts. after the tour, they had lunch at the museum and then came home.



School Awards

It’s that time of year! School is ending, summer is beginning, and it is time to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. School awards day is Friday, May 27, 2016 and it begins with the elementary classes. Then following the younger kids, the high school will follow, receiving their awards. The awards given will include items such as, perfect attendance, all A-honor roll, highest averages in English, and so many more. The awards will recognize the efforts of the students who worked hard on their studies throughout the year and excelled in the classroom. Come and join us on this on this awesome occasion!


LA Sad to Lose Long Time Teacher



Laurens Academy is sad to say that next year our high school English teacher, Ms. Paula Urwick, will not be returning to teach. Ms. Urwick has taught me for two years. I have learned many things from her in the past two years. She has taught us not only English lessons but she has also taught us some life lessons.

Ms. Urwick  is a very good and supportive teacher. She always offers to help us students whenever we may be having trouble with things. She is also always helping us out by giving us extra daily grades. I always enjoy Ms. Urwick’s class. She makes our class laugh but she also gets serious about school work. We will miss Ms. Urwick when she leaves next year.






On Tuesday, May 4th the ninth graders did a group science project. We were divided into three groups. Group one was Itty, Morgan, Hannah, Audrey, and Dawson. Group two was Ruthie, Florence, Sarah, Marcela, and Noah. Group three was Kerington, Yukti, Anna, Julia, and Lindsey. The project was that we had to make a rollercoaster and explain how it defined the three laws of Sir Isaac Newton. Whoever got first place got a sticker. Group one placed 3rd, group three placed 2nd and group two placed 1st. we had two teachers who judged the competition were Ms. Lockman and Mrs. Codington. We all enjoyed making rollercoasters.



Middle School’s Athletic Banquet


The annual middle school’s athletic banquet was held on Thursday, May 12th this year. Every family brought a dish or dessert to put out for the potluck dinner. After dinner, coaches recognized all the athletes that participated on the teams. This year the special awards included the TNT, offensive MVP, defensive MVP, coaches award, sportsmanship, most improved, and toughness award were awarded to 4 players on each team. The middle school students that won these awards include: Hunter Sipes, Thomas Lowry, Charlton McCall, Kenny Langston, Luke Kerber, Scott Anderson, Cilla Burns, Reagan Williamson, Julia Katherine, Katelyn Shuttles, Reles Littleton, Colton McGee, and Cal Robertson. Congratulations to all the award winners this year!

ARP Deadline

Monday, May 16th, was the final deadline for high school’s ARP points.The requirement for each semester is 50 points, however any extra points from the first semester carry over and count for the second. Students earn points by reading books and passing the test for them. Each book has a different point value, depending on the difficulty and length of them. Although many students do not prioritize ARP, it is very important. At the end of each semester, the points each student earned are doubled and it is averaged into their grade as a test. It is very beneficial to many students to get their points over the summer, when they aren’t busy with schoolwork and sports. The library is open on Tuesdays during the summer for students to get started with their ARP These points can make or break your grade, I hope you got all of yours!

Baseball Playoffs

The baseball playoffs have started and the varsity boys made it. Throughout the playoffs they have made some changes in who is playing and the batting lineup. To move to the next round you have to beat the other team twice. In the first round we beat the other team in two straight games without them scoring. The second round we played was against North Side we also beat them in two straight games but they were a little closer. Then the third round we played Colleton Prep but it took us three games to beat them. Now we are playing in the state tournament game. We are tied one-game each and will play the deciding game Monday, May 23rd at Hammond School in Columbia @ 6:00.

Book Fair

Beginning Friday, May 6th, and ending Friday May 13th, the Scholastic Book Fair came back to Laurens Academy. As usual, they had a variety of books and cute toys. They also had erasers, pens, pencils, and posters. One special component of the Book Fair is that the older students come down and help the younger children make their wish lists. A wish list is a list that tells parents what books and toys their child wants, and also how much they cost. There is also a friendly competition for the lower school classes. Third grade won first, second grade won second, and K5 won third. In the end, the library racked up nearly $2,800


Yearbook Receives National Award

FullSizeRender(1)For the second year in a row, Laurens Academy’s yearbook staff won the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award for their yearbook. Awards are given to yearbooks who meet the following requirements: they make a meaningful book for all students and meet their yearbook deadline. This year’s yearbook staff was made up of Hannah Hughes, Haley Hughes, Sydney Fisher, Hannah Lawson, Sarabeth McCall, and Ryan Anderson. Some 11th graders, Sara Spoone, Anna Mitchum, Braden Brewington, and Terry Brown, and 9th grader Audrey Thompson volunteered to help make this yearbook possible. Congratulations on your award! We cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

Congaree Swamp Field Trip

The eighth grade class took a field trip on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.  They visited the Congaree Swamp in Columbia, South Carolina.  They took a tour of the swamp, visiting the boardwalk and looking at all of the wildlife.  They found a snake and visited the museum near the swamp.  At the museum, the looked at the different types of animals and plants that the swamp had to offer.   After that, they took a lunch break at Chick Fila and then returned to the school.  The trip was fun and educational and the seventh grade class looks forward to going next year.



Computer project

Last week, our ninth grade class was assigned a large computer project involving many of the things we have been learning this year. The project is split into three parts; an essay, a flyer, and a slideshow. The essay is five hundred words, and written with the intention of convincing someone to join Laurens Academy. The flyer is meant to get people to attend a fake open house on May 20th, and students are given creative liberty with details. Finally, students must make a fifteen slide long slideshow, also with the intention of convincing someone to join Laurens Academy.

Fifth Graders go to Charleston

The fifth grade class of went to Charleston for an educational field trip. They went April 18th through the 20th and toured many historical landmarks including: the H.L. Hunley, Middleton Place, and many other plantations. They got to go to the South Carolina Aquarium and visit the sea turtle hospital. They didn’t  just walk around and see a bunch of historical things, but they also got to go to Bubba Gumps to eat supper and enjoyed a Ghost tour around downtown Charleston. I hope they had a great time and I wish I could go back with my class to Charleston.

Camp Greenville

On Wednesday 27, the eighth graders went to camp Greenville with Mrs. Plowden. They arrived and met their tour guides, Mayfield and JC. After that they went on a hike to Rainbow Falls and Pretty Place. The second day they did the high rope course, group dynamics, then they had lunch. After lunch, they played life and death of the forest and the game is where you pick an animal and you either have to be an omnivore, carnivore, and herbivore. The next thing is that they give you cards that have the requirements of life on it. That evening, they had a camp fire and they played song wars. On the third day, they had another group dynamics activity before handing home.