Updates In Volleyball


      This 2016-2016 volleyball season has been going well. The varsity team has won all but one game. Fortunately that one didn’t count as a region game. We lost to Wardlaw who is a very strong opponent.

       Our next game is Monday, September 19. That week, we will have three home games. The middle school, being a young and new team, unfortunately hasn’t won a game yet. They are still learning the rotations and are doing a great job keeping up!

       Last week,both teams played at Anderson Christian. Middle school was so close to a win, but the Anderson Lions came back and won. Our middle school was ahead by three or four points, and they were so close. The varsity won in three games. The first game, we won 25-5. It counted as a region game, and we’re hoping to keep up our winning streak!


Our International Student


Last year our family was fortunate enough to host an international student. His American name was Ben and he was from Taiwan. We learned so much from him and I hope he learned from us as well.

This summer he invited my brother, Jonathan Burns a senior at Laurens Academy, to come back with him and to visit Taiwan. Jonathan stayed for two weeks with Ben’s family and visited many popular sites in Taiwan.

Ben’s family was so nice and welcoming to my brother. It was a great experience for Jonathan and for our family even if we did not actually go to a different country he brought his culture to our home. I’m so thankful for the opportunity we had and I hope our family can do it again!

Laurens Academy Clubs:


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At Laurens Academy there are several after school clubs offered to elementary students. We offer Lego Club, Cooking Club, Arts and Crafts, and Game Club.

Naturally in the Lego Club you work with Legos in creating a project.  The Cooking Club is a great way to learn the basics of cooking.  The Game Club is for anyone that loves the gaming or anything to do with games. Arts and Crafts is for the crafty people or the people who want to become crafty and participate here at Laurens Academy. There is always something to do at Laurens Academy.

Jr. Cadets


DSC_0367.JPGLaurens Academy is happy to continue their tradition of the Jr. Cadets program. The camp was held on Friday, August 26, 2016 in the gymnasium after school.  The girls learned cheers, chants, and dances.

The Jr. Cadets will cheer during some of the pep rallies, halftime at the football games, and will perform on Grandparent’s Day. The Jr. Cadets appeared to really enjoy spending time with the cheerleaders. Every Cadet gets a “sister” which are the varsity cheerleaders. This is great for the girls because they have a role model to look up to.

The Jr. Cadet program shows all the girls to have a great Christian, school spirit; just as Laurens Academy’s students are taught to have this Christian spirit!

Progress Reports

Last week, we received the fear-infusing progress reports.  Everyone yearns to know what their grades are, and hope they’re not bad. The days before they come out, everyone tried their best to raise their grades if they thought they were low. Nobody wants a C or below on their reports.

They came out in emails to parents and students. Hopefully yours wasn’t that bad.  If so, you still have half of the nine weeks to pull your grade up before report cards come out.

Many students do not realize that there are tutoring opportunities around the school.  There are teachers that offer tutoring sessions and also upper school students that tutor.  If you are having trouble in a subject, you can ask your teacher for tutoring recommendations.


Hand Bells

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Music teacher, Pat Adamson is teacher high school students how to play hand-bells.  In my opinion it is one of our most fun activities. My bell is a B note. Some of the songs we are playing are “Jesus Loves Me” and “Doxology.”   We still have a ways to go but we will be playing at different school events throughout the year.

For Scott, Katelyn, and I, this is a very easy class because we have played the piano and other musical instruments. Many other students, and I think that this will definitely be one of our most exciting classes this year. Ms. Adamson makes the class fun and entertaining!

Football Injuries

The Laurens Academy football team has had a rough start due to injuries.  Ninth grader, Charlton McCall received a concussion during the Holly Hill game.  He helmet was knocked off during a kick off return.  His head hit hard on the ground.  It wasn’t until the second quarter that they realized the severity of his injury.  Charlton was later checked out with by medical personnel and has since been released to play again.

Our second injury was received by ninth grader Kenny Langston.  During the Wardlaw game, Kenny took a bad hit and also received a concussion.  He too has recovered and been cleared to play again. Both Charlton and Kenny were very lucky that their concussions weren’t any worse.

Finally, senior Jonathan Burns had a facial injury.  His chin strap caused a laceration which became infected. This made it impossible for him to wear a helmet.  After medication, that has cleared up.

We are happy that out team is all healed up and we are ready to play some ball!

The New Face In The LA Office

The Laurens Academy office is happy to welcome new receptionist Kimberly Lollis.  Mrs. Lollis is taking the position formerly held by Katherine Bagwell.

Mrs. Lollis worked in other school before so she knows the ins and outs of school life.  She is enjoying Laurens Academy because there isn’t much stress and she loves meeting all of the students here.

One of her goals is to learn all of the student’s names as quickly as possible.  She always has a smile of her face which is nice to see when you have to go to the office.  Mrs. Lollis also likes to kid around alot.

Although we were sad to see Mrs. Bagwell leave the office, she is still very much a part of the LA family.  We are looking forward to learning more about Mrs. Lollis and getting to know her.  The Bible says “God makes all things work together for good.”

Newberry Falls

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Last week the Laurens Academy middle school football team played the Newberry Academy Eagles. This was the first game for our Crusader middle school.

The beginning of the game was very slow with neither team getting very far. Both teams ended up having to turn the ball over because of downs.

Then the second quarter started up with a run by Thomas Lowry to the end-zone where he fumbled it into the end zone, and Jonas Smith recovered it for a touchdown. Then Thomas ran the ball in for the two-point conversion. The Eagles ran out of downs and had to give the ball back. On the next drive Thomas Lowry scored another touchdown and Cal ran it in for the conversion. That ended the first half 16-8.

The third quarter only provided the Eagles with 8 points from Payton Gardner on a QB-keeper. Sadly our team didn’t score this quarter.

In the fourth, Cal scored another touchdown and also converted it for two. The Eagles scored another touchdown. The game ended with the Crusaders winning.



Grandparents Day

Our 2016 Grandparent’s Day will be Friday, September 30 at 10:00 A.M. This years motto, “Laurens Academy… Where We Are Family”, is exactly what we  represent on Grandparent’s Day. Friends and family coming together and enjoying their time together.

Grandparents will come to the gym, and enjoy one of our Crusader Pep Rallies. Afterwards, the grandparents and grand kids will get together and enjoy a meal. Then the grand kids will show the grandparents their classroom, take a picture, etc.

Grandparents Day is a very fun, and enjoyable time to let the families get together and enjoy each other. The grand kids will get older, but memories last forever.

LA Proud to Introduce Cross Country

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On September 13, Laurens Academy participated in their first cross country meet at Greenwood Christian. There were many teams that participated in the meet such as Ware Shoals, Greenwood Christian, Cambridge Academy, and Anderson Montessori. We were very successful in our meet.

In the boys category Scott Anderson got 7th running at 23:47 and Andrew Codington with 11th running at 28:41. Sadly, our other boys weren’t able to participate this meet due to football practice so we were not able to win in the boys division over all.

The girls  placed very well.  Julia Kerber placed 11th running a 28:38. Sarah Traxler placed 17th with a 33:48 , Morgan Marlett placed 18th running a 34:17 , Laura Minarro placed 21st running a 38:19, Lindsey Burrows placed 22nd with a 43:18 and Blair Quarles placed 3rd running a 25:47. Coach Kerber did a great job training her team for this track meet and we are very excited for our other upcoming meets.

High school prom

Here at Laurens Academy, the junior/senior prom is coming up soon. Proms have a long tradition, dating back to the eighteen hundreds. They were originally only held in colleges, but over the years they worked their way down and gained recognition in high schools. At first they were simple dances, but over the early to mid nineties they became more and more extravagant. The competitive nature of teens won over, and they fought to get the coolest ride, the prettiest dress, and the best looking partner. Schools only encouraged this, handing out the titles of prom queen and prom king. With all of this, proms have become very… prominent in a high schooler’s life. They continue on, determining students’ popularity and being an endless source of excitement and stress for teens worldwide.


Exam week starts for Laurens Academy on Tuesday the 24th through Thursday the  26th. The Monday before exams start, we will have a review day in class. The first exam  will begin at 8 o’clock every morning and the second will begin at 10 o’clock every morning. In between exams students are given time to study in the gym. Students with an A average in every class can exempt which means they do not have to take the exam unless they want to bump up their grade by taking it and doing well on it. If you have more than 10 absences you can not exempt.

3rd Grade Field Trip

On May 8th, Mrs. Harmon’s 3rd grade class visited the South Carolina State Museum. Allan Murphy drove the small bus for the kids. They had a guided tour throughout the day. They toured all about South Carolina’s history, the Roman exhibit, toured about sharks and were able to see the 4d models of sharks. One neat thing the students were able to do was go into a 4d theater. Lastly they toured all about astronauts. after the tour, they had lunch at the museum and then came home.



School Awards

It’s that time of year! School is ending, summer is beginning, and it is time to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. School awards day is Friday, May 27, 2016 and it begins with the elementary classes. Then following the younger kids, the high school will follow, receiving their awards. The awards given will include items such as, perfect attendance, all A-honor roll, highest averages in English, and so many more. The awards will recognize the efforts of the students who worked hard on their studies throughout the year and excelled in the classroom. Come and join us on this on this awesome occasion!