International Football Players

This year during football, we have a good many of international kids on our football team.The kids are Frank, Alajandro, Octavio, and big James.

Frank is from China. He hurt his hand before the school year even started, and could not play until the 15th of September. He has already played football at North land Christian School high school in Texas, and he enjoyed playing there. He currently plays nose guard on defense.

Alejandro is from Monterrey, Mexico. He has never played football before, and plays defensive back. Four years ago, his brother, Alfonso was a student here and he also played football.

Octavio is from Spain, he has never played football, but he has played soccer. Octavio can kick field goals up to 25 yards or more.

Big James is our 6 ft.4, 350 pound, Mongolian player. He plays left guard on offense, and nose guard on defense.

We currently have had a tough season, but having the international students on the football team has been a great experience for them and the rest of the players.



Christian History

The ninth grade was recently assigned a project on the Prophetic books of the Bible. It was assigned by Mrs. Codington, a teacher of many classes vital to anyone’s education, including, but not limited to, World Cultures, Christian History, and various sciences. Each student in the class was assigned a book, and was asked to write a paper including information about the author, an overview of the book, a key verse and the setting and theme. “This,” Mrs. Codington said, “is a major grade.” And how right she was.

This project was one fourth of the ninth graders major grades, the others being daily bible reading, the Old Testament test, and the New Testament test.

Personally, I found this project stimulating. Researching the book of Jonah was interesting and fun.

Student Council

Last week, Laurens Academy high school students nominated two people from each class to be on student council. Students had to vote who they thought would make good leaders. One of their first tasks was to think of good ideas for spirit week.

Elected members are:

Ninth Grade

  • Julia Katherine Marlett
  • Jonas SmithImage result for Student council

Tenth Grade

  • Katelyn Suttles
  • Jacob Jennings

Eleventh Grade

  • Morgan Marlett
  • Noah Moore

Twelfth Grade

  • Ashley Magda
  • Wil Tindall

In my opinion, the students selected have lots of great ideas. Myself and others in our school can not wait to see what these students will do to help our school during this school year.

Buddy Class

Laurens Academy has a great tradition called Buddy Class. The way buddy classes work is that we meet several times a year to make crafts for events such as Grandparents Day, holidays, and Buddy Boutique at our annual auction. Each class has a younger class is paired up with an upper class.  This year’s Buddy Classes are:

  • K4 + 7th grade
  • K5 + 11th grade
  • 1st + 6th grade
  • 2nd + 9th grade
  • 3rd + 12th grade
  • 4th + 8th grade
  • 5th + 10th grade

It is fun to have buddy class because you get to make things with the kids and you see how creative the children are. The kids have very creative minds and they put effort into each thing we do. It is also a great way for the younger students to get to know the older students. Nothing will put a smile on your face when you see your younger buddy around school and they give you a high-five!


My First Pep Rally


My first pep rally at Laurens Academy as a Cheerleader was awesome! I was extremely nervous and I was shaking! I felt like I could throw up. This took place on Grandparents Day. There were so many people sitting on the bleachers and in chairs. The cheerleaders stood in a tunnel like formation by the doors and greeted the grandparents while some of the football players held open the doors. The wait before the actual pep rally was nerve wracking and all  I could think about was all the things that could go wrong, but everything went perfect. My favorite part of the pep rally/grandparents day was when we did our dance. It was so much fun and now I am stoked for our next one.

International Program

Laurens Academy prides itself on its International Program. Several of our International Students live at the International House or I-house where they learn English along with many other things. They get to see what Americans do on a daily basis whether that be the way we teach things here or how we speak.

We have students from China, Mexico and Spain. In all, we have a total of 11 International Students. It is a great learning experience for us to have in International Students in our school because we also learn from them. we learn their cultures, habits and even some of their language.

Many of these students get very involved with the school. Several students have already joined our sports teams. Our International Program is a great learning tool for the students and even the teachers. This is also a great way to establish friendships across the globe.


Look Up Lodge

Middle School carried out its yearly tradition of going to Look Up Lodge. They went there for a day retreat on Friday, the 22nd. There were many fun activities to participate in, such as, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, soccer, the tree man swing, swimming, paddle boats and kayaks.

Along with those activities students created skits and sang songs with Danny Smith who played the guitar. There was also a speaker, Brandon Mcgee delivered a message to the middle schoolers about what it means to be a good friend.

At the end of the day all the students gather around the campfire to roast marshmallows. Now that I’m in high school, I can no longer go which is sad because it was always one of my personal favorites, you’re sure to develop some great memories while you’re there.

Jennifer Wu


Laurens Academy has several things to be proud of, one of these is international students. Every year we have students coming from places around the world such as China, Mexico, Spain, Germany and more. This year two of our students from China, named Jennifer and Cindy both in tenth grade, joined the volleyball team.

Jennifer in particular has been exceptional in trying this sport for the first time. She is overall an athletic person and she’s also involved in basketball. On Friday, September fifteenth we had our annual grandparent’s day here at Laurens Academy. The tenth grade performed a song on hand bells and Jennifer played not only in that but also a piece on the piano, another thing she is exceptional at.

Overall Jennifer is a very well-rounded student and I know Laurens Academy will help her to unleash her potential, and excel in the things she has already begun.

A Running Start for Volleyball


Just as school started, so does the year’s volleyball season. This year’s team lost three seniors, but they gained three ninth graders (myself, Lisa, and Autumn) and three tenth graders (Isabella, Jennifer, and Cindy). Most of the newcomers have just begun learning how to play volleyball and they are learning quickly. For having six newcomers, they are doing really well! The only senior this year, Taylor Campbell, is a very successful hitter. Ruthie Moore from the eleventh grade is a really powerful asset to the team because of her effective hitting streak the last few games. With this year’s amazing team, I believe this year’s season will be great. I think, maybe, we will make it all the way to state!

The Solar Eclipse of 2017!

The solar eclipse that happened on August 21st 2017 was a site to be seen. It had many people traveling from all parts of the United States. The solar eclipse doesn’t happen every year and sometimes only happens once in a lifetime. When the solar eclipse happens it is one sight to be seen.

First the sun slowly starts getting dark because the moon is passing over the sun completely in the middle of the day. It’s really cool because it gets almost pitch black dark for two or three minutes. Then it slowly start to get light again as the moon passes away from the sun. Many schools didn’t have school on that day, but Laurens Academy had a half day on that day. The solar eclipse was very cool.



Art Themes

Laurens Academy High School art has been working on graffiti boxes. Ms. Howiler has decided for us to work on positive graffiti and we will hang them up in the halls. She always has very creative ideas and are very fun to carry out.

On the outside of the box,you select a theme that has nothing to do with what’s on the inside. The inside of the box contains your real theme. The sides of the box has other phrases to help people see what you are trying to say. Some themes that we have so far are: Dream, Hope, Don’t Hold on Let Go.We will be done with the graffiti boxes in a couple of weeks and can’t wait for people to see them.


LA Middle School Football

The middle school football team had their first home game against Cambridge Academy on September 7th at Laurens Academy. For being their first game they played well, but they ended up losing in the end 22-20. September 14th they redeemed themselves winning against Newberry Academy 42-0 .

When they played Cambridge they were defeated late in the fourth quarter when they were not able to gain a two point conversion in the finals minutes. However that did not stop them from coming into the Newberry game with the will to win. They quickly went up on Newberry with a pick-six by Kyle Thompson and a fumble recovery for a touchdown by Christian Stone to really put the Eagles away. Then last Thursday they beat the Cambridge Cougars by a total of 42-0.

The Cadets Are Here!

Image result for pom pom clipart

The Jr cadets are here! We had so much fun at 2017 Jr Cadet camp. The girls, when I say that I mean the cheer team, were split into stations like teaching cute cheers and fun dances.  This included the all time favorite “Ice Cream and Cake” to the little girls. The cadets played fun games like “Little Sally Walker” and painted a sign shaped like a mouse for the pep rally with their hands to look like hearts. Autumn and I were working at the Popsicle station giving out Popsicles. To end the Jr cheer cadet camp we lined all the girls up in rows to show their parents what they had learned at cheer camp that day.

Lunch Room Changes

Image result for LUNCH ROOM

The Lunch room has experienced some changes this year. We lost Mrs. Ann Andersen due to her moving to Georgia. Filling in her position is everyone’s favorite money woman, Mrs. Tammy, who is busy adjusting to lunch room activities by taking lunch counts and helping out . We still have cook master Jimmy Powers who is the grandfather of  students Charlton, Aidan and Harrison McCall.  He is continuing to make delicious food. I look forward too see what sweet treats he has to offer this year!



Ethan Shultz’s Race

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Ethan Shultz is a 9th grade student attending Laurens Academy. He participates in two sports: Sporting Clays for the school and Dirt Bike Racing on his own. He recently participated in a race September 17, 2017. He performed to the best of his ability achieving  2nd overall and 1st in his class  with only crashing twice. At first he led the pack but soon several mistakes cost him first place overall but he did finish 1st in his class and 2nd overall  .

He has been in a process of recovery since his crash last season in which he broke his femur in his leg and had a metal bar placed in his leg. Incredibly he was walking a week later. We all wish Ethan the best of luck in his next race on Sunday, October 1, 2017.