Sporting Clays

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In a couple weeks, the Laurens Academy Sporting  Clay Team shooting starts. That is where you shoot at a clay disc or bird with a shotgun and try to shatter it with one shot. They introduced it last year for high school, but this year we are including middle-school in it.

Practice will be held at The Clinton House. Guns can be found/bought at stores like Cabela’s, or the local Humdinger store on the Square. Some types of shotgun are break action, semi-automatic, lever-action, pump-action, and some others. The most famous ones are pump-action and break-action. Some say this is an expensive sport, but I would recommend it.

Humane Society Club at LA

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This year at Laurens Academy Terry Brown, a senior at Laurens Academy, and with the help of Emily Plowden, the sponsor, have created a humane society club to help the Laurens Humane Society. This is a volunteer club for people to realize how important it is to help and take care of animals.

The goal for this club to learn more about animals and the responsibility to own one. The students will be learning responsibility and helping the community at the same time. Volunteers help clean, walk, feed, and water the animals there.  You have to be fifteen to join. It is a great way to meet new people, have fun with animals, and even learn new things about animals.

First Big Race

The Laurens Academy Cross Country team competed in the Zaxby’s Invitational 5k Race on September 17th at Southside High-school.  There were twenty teams with over four-hundred runners competing. The Girls ran varsity at 9:00 and the boys ran varsity as well at 10:25.

The girls ran pretty well with Ruthie Moore coming 32nd at 25:03. Next across the line was Florence Mitchell coming 84 at 33:36. Sara Traxler came 86 at 33:51. Mattie Grace Noffz  came across at 36:30 and at the the same time was Laura Mateu. Lindsey Burroughs finished with a time of 42:49.

The guys ran and Andrew Codington got a time of 27:28 at 124th, Luke Kerber had 25:12 at 121st, and at 84th Scott Anderson at 22:17.

The whole team ran well and is looking forward to continuing to race.

Girl’s Results Boy’s Results
Ruthie Moore 32nd, 25:03 Scott Anderson 84th, 22:17
Florence Mitchell 84th, 33:36 Luke Kerber 121st, 25:12
Sara Traxler 86th, 33:51 Andrew Codington 124th, 27:28
Mattie Grace Noffz 88th, 36:30
Laura Mateu 89th, 36:30
Lindsey Burroughs 90th, 42:49

The Mid-East Hare Scramble

September 17th and 18th, Wayne Strange hosted the Mid-East Hare Scramble. The Mid-East Hare Scramble is an organization that races motorcycles and dirt bikes in a 10 mile circuit through woods and mud. This is a competitive sport that they track your time when you go through the course.

They are three different age groups that compete. The peewee, who run one small lap. The youth riders which race for thirty miles which is three laps and finally pros that race fifty miles which takes about an hour and a half. When you pass the finish line they scan your badge on your helmet that tells you your time and place.

We have a student here at Laurens Academy that participates in this sport. Ethan Shultz competed in the 11-15 age group and did very well coming in second in the race. Laurens Academy should be very proud to have a student that participates in such a tough sport and place very high in it.


Web Apps

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Web Apps is short for Web Applications. This is a computer class here at Laurens Academy that 9th grade attends. We focus on writing blogs. It helps strengthen our writing skills. We write for two different blogs.

One is a personal blog we do through Weebly.  This can be anything we choose from sports to cooking.  Each class period, we have to write an article.  There are some creative writers in my class and their blogs are very interesting.

The other blog we write for is Crusader Connection. We write bi-weekly articles about what is going on around the school or our community.

Mrs. Davenport is our all around computer teacher at Laurens Academy and does a great job teaching us!




Junior Leadership

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Junior leadership is an origination that some of our high school students at Laurens Academy are a part of.  The students are Ryan Anderson, Joshua Moore, Wil Tindall, Braden Brewington, Terry Brown, Madisen Faulkner, Tori Garrett, Anna Mitchum, Carmen McGee, and Sara Spoone.

Last Friday the students got to attend Camp Fellowship as a part of it.  The retreat was at Lake Greenwood and they did many fun activities. To begin the day they played disc golf and gaga ball.  On the more educational side they played a matching game to try and match foreign business and their companies products and  went against other teams who could finish a puzzle faster. After all the games they had a meeting concerning a community project they will do next year.  The students then ate lunch and did a relay race with boats they made out of cardboard. This is a wonderful program and helps students become a strong leader.

Online Classes

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Taking an online class is not as bad as you think once you start. There are many classes to choose from. Some classes like mine, have an online chat, where you can engage with the teacher. I take an online math class that has a play-by-play video called a math cast. I have a set date to do certain lessons by, however, I can work at my own pace as long as I get the work done. Every so often I have a discussion, in which I have to discuss the ”building plan” for the Biltmore House. Online classes are not for everyone because you have to be self-motivated.  Some students need a teacher around to give them an extra push.  Thankfully, my teachers at Laurens Academy are here to help when I have a question with my online class.



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This year in ninth grade we have a new class called Vista. The teacher is Mrs. Finley. It is about preparing for college and our future. We keep a folder of information in our notebooks about this class. It includes things we should do before and during college. This class will help us to learn more about participating in school activities and servicing our community.

Mrs. Finley is an awesome teacher and is good at giving us pointers for college and our future. Our projects will give us a visual out look on college life. We will have to research several colleges for our projects. I like the class and appreciate Mrs. Finley’s help!


Grandparents Day


This Grandparents Day at Laurens Academy was great! Students were able to show off what we’ve been learning this year.  Ashley Doolittle started off the program with the singing of the National Anthem.  Mrs. Pat McDonald, the music teacher for upper school, led the ninth and tenth grade in hand bells for the grandparents. Eighth graders did a performance called, “What’s That Line” in which they had to carry on a conversation only using questions. Then there was the music led by Mrs. McDonald.

After the music stopped, a pep rally started. The Varsity Cheerleaders did a great job after Coach Plowden called out the teams we have at Laurens Academy, and asked for the members to stand.  There was also a game, like “Simon Says” where  players had to follow what the leader said. Mrs. McDonald did a great job with the music and all of the grandparents enjoyed it.

After the pep rally was over, they dismissed the classes to their grandparents, and let us get a lunch of subs. We also had the opportunity to show our Grandparents our classrooms.


The Fair Queen

IMG_7126.PNGLaurens Academy 10th grader Julia Kerber, my sister, recently won the South Greenville Fair Queen. She was very happy but didn’t even know she won. The top three were notified by email. For some reason, she didn’t receive hers.

Julia was walking around the fair when she got from someone asking wear she was. My sister was confused until the person on her phone told her she was in the top three and she was needed on the stage.

Julia wasn’t dressed for that but luckily she had a nice outfit in the car. She changed and headed to the stage. It was a nice surprise when she won and was awarded a $500 scholarship.


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Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA is held every Wednesday for high school and every other Wednesday for middle school. Every week, a person comes and talks to us. John Arnheiter, associate pastor, youth pastor,and music leader from Glendale Baptist Church in Mauldin came and talked to us.

Last week, he asked our high school if they play sports and many people raised their hand. He said that no matter what sport you play, you should do it for the lord.

He also talked about the Olympics. He said two American divers, Steele Johnson and David Boudia, thanked God for their accomplishments right when they got out the water. Steele Johnson said that he could not take credit for his amazing dive. Rather he said  “To God be the glory.” They both received silver medals at the Rio Olympics for diving.

After that we closed with a prayer. FCA is really fun and I enjoy going to it every Wednesday.

Buddy Class

img_7125Laurens Academy has a great program called Buddy Class. Each upper school class, (6th-12th), is put with an elementary class. This program is a great way for both the younger and older kids to get to know each other. This year’s first Buddy Class activity was last Thursday from 9:45-10:15. We made some things for Grandparents’ Day, which is this Friday, September 30th. The K4 class was paired with 8th, K5 with 7th, 1st with 9th, 2nd with 6th, 3rd with 11th, 4th with 10th, and 5th with 12th.

Our Grandparents’ Day project was a strip of white paper where both the big and little buddies each write their names on the piece of paper. We’re going to connect them into a stick person, attaching them and making arms and legs and a body. It’s going to be topped off with a head that has a smiley face and it’ll show the buddy class grades. Everybody loves Buddy Class time. It’s a great way for our school to get to know each other and spend time together!

D.A.R.E. Starts This Week


D.A.R.E. is a very important program at Laurens Academy. This is when a Laurens County Police Officer comes to talk with the 5th grade class about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The officer will tell the students about what drugs can do to your body, and how they can hurt not just you, but a person around you. It teaches you to hang around with the right crowd, because even if they are doing something that they shouldn’t be, and you are just standing with them, you are just as guilty.

Drugs and alcohol are very dangerous, and that is exactly what the officer is trying to teach. That you should never get involved with this.

Also, in D.A.R.E, you will  write a paper on why not to do drugs, and present it in front of the elementary chapel. If you have written the best paper, then you will be rewarded with your choice of a D.A.R.E. basketball, or football.

D.A.R.E. is a great program and I hope we continue to do it in Laurens County forever. All you have to do is remember one thing.. DON’T DO DRUGS!!!

See You at the Pole 2016



“See You at the Pole” is on Wednesday, September 28, at 7:30 a.m. The Laurens Academy Fellowship of Christian Athletes is sponsoring this event tomorrow. All students, parents, grandparents, faculty, and staff are invited and encouraged to attend.

Students from all over the globe will be gathering at their flagpoles, praying for school, family, friends, churches, and communities. See You at the Pole is a day committed to unity in Christ and prayer for your generation.

Laurens Academy is a Christian based school and will love for the students to find new and unique ways, places, and times to pray throughout this week. It is very important to have a relationship with Christ. Laurens Academy is somewhere that will give students the freedom to have a relationship with the Lord, which is a blessing.



Squealin’ On The Square


In our little town of Laurens, SC, we look forward to our annual fall festival called Squealin’ On The Square. This year, it will be held September 30th through October 1st. Squealin’ On The Square has become a highly popular barbeque competition with highly-skilled barbeque cooks all along the southeast. BBQ sales begin Friday at noon. You can purchase “Que-pons” at one of the many booths set up by Main Street Laurens.
Even if BBQ isn’t your taste, there are many other things to enjoy. There are contests like pickle-eating, hog-calling, and spicy wing-eating contests.
There are lots of fun for the kids to enjoy such as inflatables,  petting zoo, horse rides, and crafts. So if you are free this weekend, come check out our tasty tradition.