Laurens Academy Elementary Concert

Image result for christmas cookies fireplace santa man]Christmas is just around the corner and to get in the Christmas spirit Laurens Academy held their annual Elementary Christmas Concert.  It was  on Monday, December 5th 7:00 pm in the Laurens Academy gym.

Students wore their Christmas attire. There were so many adorable little girls with their pretty Christmas dresses and some very sharp dressed little boys. It was a wonderful show and filled our school with joy!

After the performance there was milk and cookies for everyone.  The show was very “sweet”.  I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!

He Shouldn’t Be On The Road


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November 14, 2016. Not just a normal day. It was the day that Charlton was going to get his driver’s permit. The day nothing would ever be the same again. The world was in danger. He woke up early that morning. Excitement rushing through his body. It was a Monday. He hated Monday’s, but not that Monday. The world on the other hand hated this day more than ever, knowing what was coming in a couple of hours. Charlton’s mom took him to school for the last time that morning and knew she would not be safe when she came to pick him back up later that day to take him to the DMV. When she picked him up later that afternoon, he was waiting at the door for her, ready to ruin the world. He did just that.


The First Game

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On Monday, November 24 we had our first real game against Greenwood Christian. The game was originally supposed to be at Greenwood, but their gym was being renovated so it had to be held at our school.

When the game started, it started out pretty well. We had the lead, and we were shooting and defending well. We could see that Greenwood Christian was getting tired pretty early in the game, so they were sending out subs pretty often.

In the second half, their starters were back out. We still had the lead, and it was growing. We put out some of the freshmen, and they started doing pretty well. We made some threes, and some inside shots and eventually won the game, 44-41



Middle/High School Christmas Concert

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Since Christmas is almost here, that means so is a Laurens Academy Christmas Concert. The middle school/high school concert this year will be held on Thursday, December 8th, at 7:00 p.m.

The middle school will sing a few Christmas songs and perform some drama acts. The high school will also combine classes and also sing Christmas songs, that we have been practicing singing for weeks. The ninth and tenth grade handbell classes will be performing songs also.

The high school girls will be singing a Christmas song with a few dance moves to it. Mrs. Pat came up with the choreography to it. That same week, the Scholastic Book Fair will be going on, and it will be open that night giving the kids a chance to bring their parents to get books.


PC Game


On Friday, November 11, the high-school boys went to PC to watch the game against Furman. It was a very close game with the Blue Hose pulling it out at the last second. It was a great time to be around each other and get to know each other better. The game ended with one of the PC guys making a lay-up at the last second. Furman had a chance to tie and even win it on a buzzer-beater. The guy shot it but it hit back rim, a player went to tip it in but was too late. So PC pulled the upset with everyone going crazy. I hope there are more chances for the team to get out together and watch others play.

I-House Halloween Party

14915618_10207559146796283_5940544103374551991_nTwo of our exchange students, James and Henry, both had birthdays close to Halloween, so, I-house parents, Mike and Bethany Collins decided to have a costume party at the I-house. My costume idea was to be a hazard, but the costume was a work in progress, so it really didn’t work. There was a lot more people there, and some really clever costumes. Someone was an inflatable Mr. Puff costume from Ghostbusters, an inflatable cowboy on a horse, and some other funny ones.

There were snacks, and drinks. They had a small room with a foosball table and a Ping-Pong table, and that room was absolute chaos. Some of the smaller kids were throwing the Ping-Pong balls at each other, and were fighting with the paddles. It finally calmed down, and I beat Jonathan Burns in foosball. He forfeited after I scored five points on him. It was a very fun night.


Cross Country State Race’s Results



On September 29, the Laurens Academy Cross Country Team went to the State Championship at Heathwood Hall. The team had to arrive at the school at 7:30am. We traveled as a team to the race. Coach Kerber had the girls warm up and get ready about ten minutes before the gun. The girls ran in the 1A division and did very well. Ruthie Moore finished 6th and Blair Quarles finished 9th and both making the All-State team.

After the girls race, the boys lined up. The boys did well, but did not finish at the top. The girls team finished third while the boys team finished fifth. Overall it was a good day to be a Crusader and we look forward to starting the season next year, with Coach Kerber as the head coach.

Football Recap


Football season came to an end. We had some good moments and we had some bad. Overall, we did not do as well as we had hoped for. Our final record was 2-9. We had a very young team. Nearly everyone had to play both sides of the ball.

We played very good teams, such as Richard Winn, King Academy, Holly Hill, and Andrew Jackson. There were several times when our coaches got mad and frustrated with us. There were times when we got mad and frustrated with them, but we pulled it together and made the best team we could. We also had some good moments. Pulling up 8th graders to play with us and watching them learn and succeed, getting some wins, and making memories that will last forever.



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There is a new program going on at Laurens Academy. This new program is called Mentor Advisory. The program is meant to give middle school and high school students a faculty member that they are really close to and can trust. This can be helpful if the student is in trouble or needs to talk about something that they can’t bring to their parents.

We had our first activity on Wednesday, November 2nd. Each faculty member had about six to eight students. We had a game to play or we could just sit and talk to each other. This is fun and it also makes the student open up toward the teacher.

The game that we did this past week was a dice game. There were different questions that you would have to answer if you rolled that number. For example, if you rolled a five, it was a hobby that you enjoyed to do.

These groups are fun and really brought us closer to some of our teachers that we didn’t know as well. We also learned things about our fellow classmates. I look forward to our next activity.


K4 and K5 Pow-Wow

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Every year, the K4 and K5 classes have what we call a Pow-Wow here at Laurens Academy. This year it’ll be held on Friday, November 18th, at 8:30 a.m. They learn what Thanksgiving is really about between the Pilgrims and Indians. The K4 class is doing Cherokee Indians and the K5 class is doing Wampanoag Indians.

During the Pow-Wow, each class sings five or six songs about their Indian group, saying what the Indians ate, where they lived, and what type of houses they lived in. The teachers of the K4 and K5 classes make the costumes for the kids. They are made out of t-shirts and beads. The kids also wear decorated headbands and beaded necklaces. The parents come and watch their kids sing and then they all feast on Thanksgiving food!



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Last Monday, was Halloween. Many Laurens Academy students go to the Lakeside Country Club community to trick or treat. This year, many students came. Sarah Traxler, a tenth grade student, came dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Her sister, Naomi, and her friend, Aubrey, both dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween. Aidan and Harrison McCall dressed as superheroes.

Gus brown dressed up as a hazard sign. His family is hosting an International student named Maria from Spain. This was Maria’s first Halloween in America and she was dressed up as a bunny.

My neighbor, Mahi Patel, was dressed as a princess wizard with a glow in the dark wand. Lastly,  I was dressed up as Minnie Mouse. Overall, the costumes were a hit. This Halloween was a blast.

Blessed Girls


Since 6th grade, I have had the best two coaches in the world. Coaches Jason Marlett and Sandy Moore have always been there for us. We all look up to them. They have both trained a program for Laurens Academy.

Coach Jason and Mrs. Moore have made a major impact on my life and also in other people lives.  They have not only taught me the game of basketball, but they have helped me grow spiritually and physically in Christ. We all have that one person to look up to. I’m fortunate to have two. Coach Jason and Mrs. Moore really set a good example for every single one of us. We all are so blessed to have such great people in our lives. We all love them so much!


James’ Birthday Party

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James, one of Laurens Academy’s international students had a birthday on October 31st. He was 15 years old! To do something special, the ninth grade surprised him with a birthday party. Mrs. Davenport had a Halloween/ surprise birthday party for James during Computer class. Since we couldn’t have food or drink in the computer lab, we went into the art room.

It was all a surprise to James all the way until Mrs. Davenport put 15 candles in a single cupcake and lit them. James’ face lit up as bright as the candles when he realized it was for him. We all began to sing happy birthday to him. He was so excited that he videoed it himself! I think he really enjoyed himself and his first birthday in America.



Senior night



This year’s football senior night was October 28,2016. Senior night is where on the last home football game we honor the senior football players and the senior cheerleaders.  The senior football players were Jack Kobe , Jack Kerber , Jonathan Burns , and Will Price . The enior cheerleaders are Ashley Doolittle, Carmen McGee, Madisen Faulkner, and Tori Garrett.

It was a hard game and we lost in the end and I wish we would have won but I think we sent the seniors off on a good note because we may not be a very good team but everybody played their hardest at every game. I am sad I won’t get to play with them again but I am also proud to have been able to play with some physical, athletic, and all around good guys.

Clemson Carolina Rivalry

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Pretty soon the Clemson Tigers will be going head to head against their biggest rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks. It will be a preferred home game for the tigers at Death Valley.

Most people will think this is going to be a huge blowout by Clemson because they are number two in the nation and Carolina is not ranked, but I think that this will still be a fairly good game. Last time Clemson only won by five points and it was in the exact same scenario. 

Every year we have a can drive at Laurens Academy for this occasion. This year it will be held the week of November 14-18. We start two huge piles of cans in the gym, one for Clemson fans and one for Carolina fans. The team that collects the most cans wins the competition. I will definitely watch the football game and I will definitely bring cans for the Clemson Tigers.